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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by crescent, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Evening all

    Has been a while since I've been sniffing about the arrse and it's changed a bit.

    I come back to you with a question. (and a wee bit of background)

    I passed for the Regs RMP in 05/07 but unfortnately before I could start CMSR in 01/08 my appendix burst and I had to drop it. After a while I had found a great civvy job and went TA RMP instead. I was enlisted 10/08.

    Now the funding for my great civvy job is cut, and I've discovered being in the TA just how much I love the Army, I am giving some very, very serious consideration to going Regs.

    Will I be able to transfer at the click of a button and await an ATR date, as was the case when moving TO the TA (i.e. is there a reverse procoess?) or am I likely to have to do the whole application process again?

    Many thanks for sensible suggestions :)
  2. In short,

    Full selection, the only thing you have accelerated is the fact that you have a set of military medical docs and if you are going Regular RMP you are already vetted.

    The rest is the same as any other applicant, the process, the selection, and the training :)
  3. I also have a question, so to clarify fivetodo a member of the TA still has to pass the exact same selection process and basic training as a regular before he is accepted into the regular army? Does this include the barb test and two interviews? I know a guy who gives it all that about the army yet I know he is in the TA but he seems to think he has done selection & basic training at pirbright... please tell me I am right in assuming he is a walty cnut.
  4. CMSR for STABS is now at Pirbright.
  5. Some elements of the TA do their Phase C Training at Pirbright.

    And a lot do their selection days there too.
  6. To clarify, a TA soldier will go through exactly the same process as any other applicant.

    The only exceptions are if the TA soldier is joining the Regulars on an S Type engagement based on the amount of time he has served and tours done, or a straight transfer onto a VEng engagement.

    But in both them cases the TA soldier would have normally done at least 6 years from the cases i have dealt with and would have a couple of tours under their belt, in which case the Regulars allow them to bypass certain parts of the selection process and even training (normally just phase 1).

    And despite what people think, i have still seen TA soldiers go through ADSC at Pirbright as a regular and fail, it happens, normally at the medical stage :)
  7. What is phase C training? and of course some of the TA do their selection at ADSC Pirbright, all those in the South of England would be expected to considering it is the Regional ADSC that TA and Regulars have to attend :D

    The Regulars run Monday through to Thursday, the TA assemble on a Saturday and stay till Sunday from what i know :)
  8. Ah thanks a lot for clearing that up. The guy has been in the TA 6 months! Could you give me any pointers I could use to catch him out next time we meet basically to 'out' him, the guy constantly updates his facebook page with how he loves the army life etc yet he seems to only 'go' to the TA once a week... would it actually be right to call him a walt lol I am not that familiar with Army terms just yet :wink:
  9. No it wouldn't, he's not a walt.

    And Phase C is the old term for CMS(R).
  10. Phase C???

    CMS(R) has always been referred to as Phase 1, certainly for the last 22 years that i know of anyway.

    Phase C if anything would have been Phase 3 which would have been some form of additional training or driver training that was required to complete the trade training.

    In fact i have only just noticed the avatar, i will leave you to it, obviously a subjact matter expert so i will sit and learn from this for a bit :D
  11. Aye five is right. also called restart
  12. I apologise then, it was explained to me that the 6 training weekends for TA soldiers were Phase 1A+B training, and the 2 week residential course was Phase 1C, followed by Phase 2 (Trade Training).
  13. We are talking about Regular Army and not TA phases of training ;)

    But even then a C would be a 3 ;)
  14. ok cheers all.
  15. Bit of a ball-ache this one!

    I often contemplate the transition from TA to Regs, and with me approaching the upper age limit for new entrants, I think about it even more now!

    The thing is, completing JCLM at Blandford is the same syllabus and gives you the same qualification as the regular course, so would that be retained for quicker promotion (provided one would prove worthy and not a complete fu*kwit)?

    I know courses such as RMQ, BCDT and other MATTS subjects (with the exception of Skill At Arms) are valid for both Regs and TA, but as they’re rank-related, they’ll go unused until such a time as the relevant rank is obtained. By then, can you imagine what changes there would have been? May as well just re-do the course!

    Do it? Don’t do it? – I could still do my 25 years and retire at a comfortable age. Probably the oldest Private in Her Majesty’s Army but at least I would have satisfied my calling!