Just wondered if anyone on here was TA and went over to REG, i'm thinking of doing this myself and just wanted to hear your stories and if it was the best decision you made?

not sure if this is in the right place, but i'm Signals at the moment and will stay Signals when i sign up :)

cheers in advance
I've recently worked with someone who had come over from TA. To be honest, they were completely disallusioned by their new career and left rather sharpish. You need to consider the things you enjoy and dislike about your TA service and the same for your civilian life. Then do some research on how this will be reflected in a regular career, that way you can fully inform your decision.

Being a Royal Signals soldier day in, day out, for many years is completely different from being in the TA. It can be extremely rewarding, you just need to be sure its for you. Better that than waste your own and everyone elses time.
Thank you for the advice boney_m i have thought a lot about this, and to be honest i've always wanted to go reg but not felt ready, one of my reasons for joining the TA was to get an insight into the army i know it would be completely different doing the job day in and day out but i feel ready now i dont want to get a lot older and regret not doing something i've always wanted to do.

I've put a lot of time and effort into the TA, i've had good times and i've had shit times (even through the shit times i've turned up and got on with things) but it has made me want a full time career in the army and i've realised i should of joined a long time ago. I've got nothing holding me back i've been in my job 9years and over the last few months i've come to work thinking what the hell i am doing here, i want a rewarding career doing something worthwhile (god thats sounds really really gay oops)
Ignore, if you can, your TA experience especially trade prejudices. Do you really want to be working with a bunch of kids (actually Sgts of ______ trade), are you going to be happy doing maintenance and sweeping the garage 5 days a week.

Or put another way, choose a trade that will help you when you return to civvie strasse
Some good advice here. You don't say how old you are, or if you have managed to achieve any rank in your TA service, but I suspect you are well on the wrong side of twenty, given that you mention 9 years in your (civilian?) job? (Still a relative whipper-snapper though :) )
If that is the case, Polar makes a good point regarding your status when you join the Regs - you will inevitably be expected to join at the bottom of the pile (unless you can get MCM Div to agree to signing you up on an S Type engagement with retention of some or all of your sub rank). That inevitably means that your peers will be a good 10 years younger than you and you are likely to stick out like the proverbial on the shop floor!
Are you married and therefore entitled to escape the Singlies block with a SFA (Married Quarter)?
I suggest you get your PSI to set you up with an interview with the RCMO who covers your area - he will then be able to give you chapter and verse.
Alternatively, PM me and I will happily give you some insider information from my time spent in career management!
Whatever you decide, all the best.
i'm coming up 27 soon so the age thing is worrying me a little, i also dont hold any rank only been in the TA for 2 and a half years, kinda done things a bit late should of joined earlier!

but cheers guys for the advice, Polar i will look more into the trades on offer they need me to resit the BARB test which is annoying but at least it might give me more options.

slipperman i am single so singlies block for me, but as for peers being younger than me i dont have a problem with that and i know i have to start from scratch but i want too, i have thought of FTRS but i definatly want to go REG so basic here i come lol good thing is i look young for my age so everyone always thinks i'm about 18 - 19 i still get id'd for fags and drink!!!! :)
roadster280 thank you for your advice, some of your points have already crossed my mind. I'm not doing this to escape my civvy job i have a good job and love my life and i could quite happily contiune doing TA but the fact is i want so much more, i want the promotion and a good career and decent trade and job security the army can offer. i have no doubts i can do it just the age thing worries me :)
Haribo said:
i have no doubts i can do it just the age thing worries me :)
I was considering joining full time as an IS Eng (when I was early 30's), I didn't because I was too far down the civvie route. I've been told this trade has had a number of older recruits recently and they've had accelerated promotion.

Not sure about other trades but I'd hope maturity counts. Go for it, Sigs (for all the whinging) has a lot of respect in civvie strasse. I work with a number of ex-RSigs who work with big firms (EDS, BT, Logica, etc) but gaining the right trade is essential