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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by allyleventhal, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. if you complete basic training in the TA then want to join the Regs, would you have to redo basic training in the Regs or just go straight in at your current rank?
  2. Going in directly having completed no other training you may well have to start again.

    Depends on what you are transferring from and to and what experience you have.

    Speak to your PSAO, via chain of command and he should be able to advise...
  3. There are troops in my unit that have completed basic training, but still cannot master or comprehend basic military skills. One being marching, so unless you have been in the TA for a while or you’re a switched on cookie, I would opt to start from the beginning and start training again.
    Whether you can transfer straight in I don’t know, but if you do, you will always be known as the TA bloke, regardless of how good you are.
    This is always evident when you make a mistake, in which we all do.
  4. If you do 12 months FTRS it is possible to transfer regular after that, if you are good enough.
  5. I wonder if Chris Ryan was always known as the "TA bloke" in the SAS?
  6. If you want to be a reg, why would you not want to do reg basic etc, and do it with ease as you would have you TA experience, shine, and get picked up for early promotion or gucci courses?
  7. If your young enough do as Airfix says. Otherwise you'll be known as the STAB for years even in jest.
  8. I did day 1 week 1 but that was in 1992.
  9. I joined TA in 2004, joined regs day 1 week 1 last year. Phase 1 was the best bit so far! They'll know you're ex TA by your number, just don't be a knob and work hard.
  10. There is no minimum return of service. You want out, give your kit back and go. And no, there's no time bar on applying to the regs. In fact, ask your OC /PSAO nicely and you can apply while you're still in the TA...

    To answer your other question, RRF, I think.
  11. mate of mine went from 23sas back to para reg he had to do 14 wks if that helps
  12. 23 SAS back to Reg Para? How did that one work out? I thought regs went to 22 SAS
  13. If you are going from TA 'them" to regular, you have to do the entire course. If you are joining Regs green army, then you have do do basic again, this was the case when I was an ATR instructor in 2003!. But as mentioned in previous posts, basic is the best time you will have in the army (well one you will always remember) Asked the old and bold to name NCO's through there career and they might struggle, ask them who there section commander was in basic they will tell you straight away.
  14. Geordiemonkey said "back" to Para, that implies the person was previously a Para - 14 weeks implies Regs

    So how did he go from Reg to TA SAS then back to Reg? Was it broken service? (ie - signed off - signed on - signed off - signed back on again)
  15. Doesn't make sense does it Cunny?