TA to Reg, same pay?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Wuz, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Wuz


    Hi all,
    I am an ex TA member of 6 years and two tours but have recently got a place at RMAS for a regular commission. The RAO seem to think that I lose my Cpl pay scale and all my LSA days, and this is reflected in my first pay packet having been dropped to new entrant OCdt pay which is less than half of a Cpl gets. However, I have been told before I should keep the pay, the same as when a regular soldier enters for a commission. Could anyone clear this up for me as the RAO dont seem to know whats what and I dont really want to take a 50% paycut and lose my LSA days! thanks.
  2. You may want to PM Paywog would be the best man to ask, I think that as you have 'volunteered' to go regular and for a commision then you will go down to OCdt pay band not keep your TA rank pay. As you will no longer be in that rank at your own choice.

  3. Done this myself, as a TA commission to Reg OCdt but commissioned or not makes no difference.

    Firstly, when did you 'leave' the TA? If you did it more than 30 days before the start of regular service (RMAS start date) then unfortunately you have lost out and you have to start a fresh. (If this is the case, still fight tooth and nail until you get told this by someone that matters that you can't because of the 30 day rule E.g. Glasgow, not your lazy arse pay clerk at RMAS if yours was anything like mine.)

    Secondly, are you on the same service number? You should be, if not, you need to get your clerk to get you back on that number. When you are re-united your money should follow.

    Thirdly, if you are turned down show them JSP 754, Chapter 3, Section 13.

    Long and the short is, your Paid Rank should become Cpl Level X (X being the level you reached in TA service.) You will be on MTRP (Mark Time Rate of Pay) for up to 2 years or until your actual Rank overtakes your paid rank. At which point you become like everyone else.

    Everything else with your service (LSA days) will carry over when you get back on your old service number. If you already on your old service number you need to find pay statements, JPA printouts, anything you can to prove your previous situation.

    Don't get shouted down just because your an OCdt. They tried it with us, we stood our ground, we got our pay. In the end we went to the Old College CO. Brave but produced a very quick result as he sorted it for us, exhaust all other avenues before this though.