TA to pay FOOD & ACCOM Charges?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 303rifleman, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. What is the deal here will the TA be docked Food & Accom charges when attending a training weekend?
  2. Are you asking a question, or making a statement???
  3. Err, it depends? JPA seems to mean we are all of one money-sump, even when you are not meant to be.

    PAYS(tarve) - yes, though you appear to be able to reclaim these - see your Chief Clerk or local JPA supremo.

    Non-PAYD - not yet, apparently, though JPA appears to be denying the local bean counters the necessary flex in their entries. Therefore, you need to reclaim on expenses.

    As I (fule that I am) understand it, we shouldn't, in the long term, be penalised. I suppose it just reiterates the TA motto "Don't rely on your (TA) pay."
  4. From 1 Jul 07 anyone fed from official sources whilst attending any training that is not classed as field conditions should pay a food charge, this applies to TA & Regs alike and regardless of the method of collection - PAYD or old system.

  5. What has to be done to declare field conditions? Most of our food comes from tin pot army camps not fully manned barracks - I'd expect that means poorer quality
  6. How much is the food charge? If they charge a small amount (like less than a quid), I don't really mind - after all, I'd have spent more than that buying myself food.

    If they charge more, I'll be a bit miffed - it's not like we have much choice where to eat (in the 15 minutes between a lecture and an inspection parade), and the food served in the cookhouse isn't that good.
  7. But anyone eating away from their home base (so to speak) is classed as a free feeder and doesn't have to pay.
    Thats what happens to us when we go to Grantham for training.
  8. Paywog is correct apart from the fact that all Defence Training Estate barracks ie Barry Buddon, Garelochhead are classed as field condtions. Redford Cavalry Barracks is not part of DTE so if you go on a course there or train there you will pay. You are NOT permitted to claim it back and it applies to the whole of the army not just TA. Easting away from you home base is not classed as a free feeder since 1 Jul 07.
  9. He'll be chuffed about that. Especially as he hasn't commented on this thread. :roll:

    This subject has been done to death. Can we have something novel instead? Perhaps about the length of the CFT or about how the TA should be paid on time?
  10. aw come on we only whinging about JPA for a few months, its got at least another year to be whinged about
  11. right anyone for KFC then as some of our slopp jockies should be examined by the department of enviromental health.
  12. Is Grantham DTE then? I was there three weeks ago and was classed as a free feeder.
  13. Sure that wasnt a bottom feeder?

    Sorry. Could not resist.
  14. Your not far wrong given the quality (or not) of the "food" they were serving.
  15. The charge will be £3.50 per day. You will pay when you attend at the TAC then you can be fed, if you don't pay you will have to go to the local Greggs or bring your own food. The thing is you must pay up front to allow the unit to go and buy rations for the day! no money no food, thats how its going to work :x