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Hi all,

Just had a couple of lads join my TA unit having completed three years in an OTC.

My question's very simple. As they're now in their fourth year of service (albeit as OTC/Gp B TA), do they pick up their first year TA bounty, or the 4th year bounty?

Any help (no matter how sarky) gratefully appreciated,

Lurgan_Stoop said:
Should receive their 4th year bounty as they have completed three previous years bounty requirements.
I think that it's a different bounty though.

Shouldn't your local shiny arrse be the person in the know?
Quite right thats its a different bounty.
However the continuity still carries on.
I transferred out of OTC after the third bounty year.
Initially received the OTC bouty of 100 quid.
Then received the full fourth year bounty of £(more than 100)
The OTC training year goes from sept to aug.

The TA train from Apr to Mar

Obviously the two overlap. Now if the Ocdt declines their bounty in their final year of OTC and tell the Adj they will be transferring then they can receive their 3rd year TA bounty. However if they have taken the OTC bounty 160 beer tokens or there about they cannot claim the TA bounty, a shed loads more and worth waiting till April for.

They will probably still have to do all the ITDs or MATTs again as OTCs are nothing if not adept at losing paperwork…

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