Hi,have any of you TA lads ever tried for mpgs? i'm ex reg,currently TA and applied for mpgs,came back from herrick 3 months ago,full demob medical yet glasgow are demanding i get rg8 done,even tho i have full copy of med docs from c/well!!! is it worth persevering or just chin the cnuts off and go do something else?
You should be well used to the paperwork nightmare that is MOD by now. Depends how much you want to join MPGS and what your other options are I suppose. That doing a bit of sitting in a Drs waiting room is sufficient to put you off may suggest that joining MPGS is not exactly top of your list ?
i know what you're saying,but surely if they have my docs,why would they want me to go through the process again? it's a bit mental really
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