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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by eor, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. eor



    I was wondering, since I have just passed the maximum age limit - I'm 33 - to join the Army full time, would it be possible to join the TA as an officer in the field of my choice and then transfer across to the full time Army in the same field?


  2. Very unlikely, TA Commission 2 weeks, Regular Army Commission 12 months. But I could be talking arrse.
  3. I tried to re-enlist 3 weeks after my 33rd birthday after being laid off a couple of years ago. I was advised to join the TA as I was to old to re-enlist and then try for a full time posting. The TA told me that it would not be likely for me to get such a posting.

    I suppose it depends on what trade you are looking at though, TA I went to was Royal Engineers.
  4. The are three ways to go from being in the TA to being in the regular Army, 1) FTRS, 2) Mobilisation, 3) Transfer. The last method, in most cases involves having to do Regular Army recruit training.
  5. Surely that can't be true for people who for the sake of argument are transferring Infantry to Infantry, and have done one or more tours?
  6. The Gunners let a TA officer through to regular about ten years ago - with a funny name and a modicum of horsey skills. I doubt that they would repeat the exercise as he was a Cnut.
  7. I think each transfer is looked on in an individual basis. I'm no expert on this subject.
  8. Why not? I'm sure I've heard of it happening but they had to do a sort of selection week where they did all their MATTs, fitness tests, weapon handling tests and some sort of field craft assessment.

    Though it could be entirely possible that I've got confused with rejoiners and am talking out of my hoop.
  9. It would just seem odd that, having been on tour serving with the regulars and doing the same job as the regulars, they would have to go through training all over again?
  10. Ive seen TA officers on FTRS join us for tour, stay afterwards, rise to company 2ic then get sent back to Brecon to do regular PCD.

    Chance your arm what have you got to lose.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There was a lad on tah BC programme Young Soldiers the other night who had been on Herrick but was at day 1 of his basic training at the infantry centre.
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  12. When I went through RTMC for Telics various, they often said "anybody who is thinking about joining up full-time come and see us now". When I went through earlier this year for "the other place" that was noticeably missing from the monologues. As you'd expect if we're making regs compulsorily redundant.

    However, I don't think it was ever as easy to do as an officer (or a senior) as it might have been at more junior levels. IIRC (and as it was explained to the gently snoring throng, not necessarily the APC answer), the battalion you deployed with could apply for you to join at your current rank. And APC would then consider what training you needed to do. Quite a lot in most cases, I believe.
  13. When I was in I know of a couple of people who went TA to Reg without going through the 18 weeks regular training. They did short engagements with the regs and asked to stay on. They usually had to to do a recruit battle camp to assess their skills and drills. For officer it would be a lot more difficult.
  14. It has happened in the past, although it was rare. I suspect that it is all but impossible now.

    I could refer to the cases of about 8 good guys, with operational tours under their belt and considerable time on FTRS with their regular counterparts who either had to go through RMAS again or gave up attempting to transfer. I could name perhaps 2 who successfully transferred - and even then they sacrificed a fair degree of seniority.

    In the OP's case - to be brutally honest - you have missed the bus, sorry. In the context of recent cuts, and those not yet fully realised, the Army is seriously over-officered, and competition to join and stay is fierce. If you have done no military training as yet, you will not pass basic, officer and special-to-training until 2014, by which time you'll be 36. Add on a couple of years as a YO in the TA to prove your worth, and you're 38.

    So, the realistic question is - is it likely that you will be such an outstanding officer that a regular unit would fight hard to bring a 38 year old Troop / Platoon commander on board?

    Unless you have ommitted to mention something important such as multiple languages or a professional background which could bring a PQO commission, the answer is "no".
  15. eor


    Thanks for your replies, very helpful!

    Well, I'm a qualified Joiner/carpenter, I speak a little bit of Russian, French, Arabic and Spanish, I have an HNC in computer science and two degree's, i.e. a BSc and a MSc. I'm not sure what a PQO commission is, I'll definately look into that, thanks!