TA to command Regional Brigades

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Strikesure, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Well, no, of course not but why not.

    Let's start to employ the best man for the job.

    Regional Bdes are all about the civil – military relationships. They require little operational savvy. The units within the bdes are reserve units (I acknowledge that there are exceptions, so calm down) and most of them are never going to deploy on ops as formed units. The bdes themselves are certainly not going to do so (excluding the NI Bde that is already on ops).

    In my bde the most challenging activities in the trg year are providing military support to the 2700 children taking part in Ten Tors and a CAST exercise every now and then. And I know that the military planning demanded of a bde during CAST could be conducted by a competent captain and a decent QM and that the bde comd’s role is to create an effective civil - military relationship, but even then, as a junior partner. So, the most significant operational task that will ever be conducted by a regional bde is carried out entirely in the civilian arena.

    I argue that a high-quality reserve officer with all the civilian skills, local contacts and experience is more likely to be better suited to manage a regional bde than regular officer recently returned from commanding in the green zone and working as a Colonel in the Armt Briefing Team or at Warminster, Germany or Glasgow.

    The thing that will stop us using the best man for the job is the unstated MS issue of having regular officers reported on by a TA officer with the perceived career foul this ‘cheapened’ report may have and the loss of jobs for the boys.

    However, it may be time to grow up and give the job to the person best suited to the task.

    So, let's gently start the roumour "I hear Col X (chose a decent one for God's sake) is going to comand 143 Bde" and it'll become the truth

    .....and one, two, three...you are back in the room.
  2. Given that you are obviously 43 (Wx) Bde, why highlight 143?
  3. In which case, what's the point of them doing a CAST?

    I wonder what the headcount of reg Offrs/WOs and SNCOs is in these Bdes - at least a slack handful I imagine. Surely in the days of DII, they could all be run by two blokes sitting in a room with a coffee machine and a laptop, thus releasing thousands of thrusting young Generals, Colonel, Majors and Captains back to the noble art of slaughtering the Queen's enemies? Would there be much difference to the efficient running of the Divs and Bdes?
  4. I assumed that he was referringto a UK Ops CAST...
  5. Unfortunately I have not got a ******* clue what that is - so you may well be right, in which case and (assuming I have barked up the wrong tree) I withdraw my opening gambit.
  6. There is a CAST (UK) at the LWC - IIRC, it has 1 x SO1, 2 x SO2 and 1 x WO1, so pretty lean manned!
  7. If you're referring to my comment on manning, it wasn't about the headcount for CAST, it was a comment on the headcounts for Regional HQs (which I think have a few more than 4 blokes and a dog!!)
  8. Now, I wasn't referring to specific manning of Regional Bde HQs, rather to the specific manning of CAST (UK); I thought that Project AVANTI had given the regional Bde HQs an uplift in manning...
  9. Uplift - **** me, when I had the misfortune of spending a couple of (the most dull years of my life) years in one every man jack spent the day looking for things to do or playing cricket! There must be some incredibly complicated spreadsheets to be processed now!!
  10. They are, I suggest, not long for this earth anyway. Once the Afghan dust settles and everyone has washed the German mud off their boots it will become blindingly obvious that there is little point in having an RF Bde and an "Operational" Bde in the same AOR. The latter will be swung in under the Op Bde with a non-deploying staff who cover glad-handing the Mayor, H&S, ECI, Cadets and low flying complaints etc....and indeed a TA Col as DComd might be just the man to head up such an operation, supported by a largely FTRS/Civilian staff.
  11. "There must be some incredibly complicated spreadsheets to be processed now!! " Yep. the Beancounters have taken Blenheim way, way beyound the planning tool it was designed as and made it their lifes work to plan every litre of fuel usage, every hours work, despite the sure and certain knowledge that the detail is total make-believe and that a fag-packet guess would be every bit as accurate. Cynical - Moi ?
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  12. That'll have a couple of hundred old RO2 buffers in a flat spin. How the **** are they going to while away endless long afternoons with no Mess to quaff a lunchtime beer or two in?

    Imagine - Bde HQs that don't smell of pissed tweed trousers, wet labradors and stale pipe smoke...
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  13. Which RF Bde was this, justout of interest?
  14. Billy, Do keep up. Project Avanti has just finished gutting the old RF Bde structures, RO2 fell off their collectives perches some while ago, NRPS are following them, to be replaced by FTRS and civilian MSF types.
  15. All the time the regional Bdes hold regular troops other than PSI-style appointments this should be a non-starter. Additionally, such as they are, the regional Bdes represent command appointments for the regular officer corps and have regular staff officers. Whilst I never served in one of these formations I wouldn't have liked having my OJAR done by a hobbyist, no matter how good a captain of industry he was or whether he had 'local contacts.'