TA to be used to patrol airports

The Daily Mail reports today that "Buff" Hoon is considering using the TA to patrol airports and installations such as power stations during periods of heightened security in order to free up regular forces to take part in President Tony B Liar's crusades of (self) rightousness.

I suspect that our illustrious leader in the big white building on Whitehall has been so impressed with the National Guard being posted on every security point in US airports that he feels he must do the same himself to secure his position in history as guardian of pompous uselessness.

Little does "Buff" Hoon realise thatthe TA are struggling to keep training current with the current squeeze on 31 MTDs per man and the reduction of many units readiness state. Of course, this isn't going to do the slightest bit of good in deterring terrorists, and will just eat into many units effectiveness.  ::)


I cant imagine it will do much for recruiting and retention in the TA either, knowing that you are going to be on permanent Guard duty!


Why don't they just use the 'Rock Apes' they're nae use for any thing else!! Apparently another 'suggestion' doing the rounds, or is it a 'rumour', that  Mercenaries employed by MOD Vetted companies could be deployed on Peace Keeping Duties...........or did I just imgine it??


War Hero
did there not used to be an organisation called the Home Service Force to do this retired members of Reg army,TA,RM,ACF etc. How ever options for change saw them disbanded now it looks like they'll have to be re-invented. As they cut TA infantry as according to the Defence review there was NO DIRECT THREAT to the UK mainland.  In Northern Ireland we can always fall back on the RIR home service part timers.

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