TA to be Cut to 15,000!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Styron, Mar 16, 2008.

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    March 16, 2008

    TA to expel soldiers who won’t go to war

    Michael Smith


    The Territorial Army is to force out thousands of weekend warriors who refuse to go to war. Defence chiefs want to turn the TA into a fully fledged fighting force of about 15,000 soldiers.

    Although the target strength requirement of the TA is 42,000, the actual numbers are much lower at about 35,000 and it is haemorrhaging soldiers.

    Data from a survey being compiled by King’s College London will be used to work out which members should go.

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) wants to get rid of what it sees as weekend warriors happy to wear the uniform but unwilling to fight, a Whitehall source said.

    “The most worrying thing about the planned cuts to the TA is that a lot of those who have been prepared to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan are the ones who are leaving,” a source said.

    “They are coming home and saying, ‘That’s it. I’ve done my bit, I’m off’. They are precisely the ones we want to keep.”

    The MoD will this week announce the review of all four reserve forces: the TA, the Royal Navy Reserve, the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and the Royal Marines Reserve. A spokesman said it would focus on operations but denied that TA soldiers would be dismissed simply because they would not go to war. Some would still be required for training.

    Of the 850 reservists serving on operations abroad, approximately 700 are in the TA, the highest number on overseas operations since the Korean war of the early 1950s. About 3,500 TA members employed in training will not be hit by the cull.
  2. Defence chiefs want to turn the TA into a fully fledged fighting force of about 15,000 soldiers.

    Where the fcuk are we going to get another 10,000 from ? :D
  3. I don't see this article anywhere else. Are you sure it's accurate?
    The times is a respectable rag, dunno why there are so many facts wrong in the report. Seems odd.
  4. It was in the Sunday Times
  5. I read this too. Got no issues with it, it's a fairly open secret to start with. It doesn't go into the plans to make it simpler for Regulars to interchange with TA to avoid career fatigue. Nor whatever restructures and FTRS duties will fall out of the new direction.

    It also does not bode well for the OTC funding, but it's over resourced as it stands anyhow.

    Screw it.
  6. Sorry but which bit of "Territorial Army" are they not getting?

    What about us that are willing to tour but have not yet had the opertunity to do so? I know regs that hve been in years and not done a tour, are they kicking them out as well? I dont think so!
    What a load of cr ap. Yeah get rid of those that are just bumbing around and loving the uniform, not doing PT etc cause they are too fat. Leave the rest of us alone.
  7. more to the point, what happened to the other thread on this subject?

    PS - it's in the Daily Mail today as well.
  8. It must be true then
  9. yup, read the artical and now i'm off.
  10. Mod - there's another thread of the same title and content...
  11. You've got to love this rumour control, it's just as bad as doing the TA100 on April 1st....
  12. It got moved NAAFI or current affairs
  13. remember there is a little truth in any rumour
  14. I though I would add this comment from the Herald. Its in reply to a similar article published this morning:-

    "Posted by: simonwessely, King's College London on 11:38am Mon 17 Mar 08
    I have no idea whether this story is true or not. But, as the Director of the Kings Centre for Military Health Research which does indeed carry out large scale studies of the physical and psychological health of the UK Armed Forces, including regulars, reservists and veterans, what I can say categorically is that there are no circumstances whatsoever in which we would ever share any identifiable or individual data with the Ministry of Defence. To do so would break the law, our ethical approval and our own contracts. But even more importantly, it would violate the trust that exists between us and the many thousands of service personnel who have taken part in our studies. the results of those studies have already been used to improve support and welfare services for reservists and much else besides. I am happy to set the record straight and to reassure everyone that at least that part of the story is utterly and totally without foundation Professor Simon Wessely, Director King's Centre for Military Health Research, King's College London
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Prof Simon Wesseley is the man who did the research, and he is pretty damn pissed off that the Sunday Times, etc., has completely mis-used his research.

    In other words, the STimes and DMail stories of cuts to 15,00 as a result of his research are complete lies and fabrications. I wouldn't normally say that, even on a website, but it's the case here. Someone is briefing against this Review of the TA before it even starts.

    Question is, who? Who gains from this?

    My money is on - well, I'll keep that quiet for now, but it's no-one involved in politics (other than at a local level)..........