TA terms of service/ terms of employment.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Are these provided in a legally binding document at the time of attestation as they would be in a civvy job when an employment contract is signed?
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    msr LE

  3. So how does the recruit know what he is signing up for?
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    Queen and Country.
  5. Yes, very good. I seem to recall last time receiving something about "call out in the uk under orders of secretary of state for defence but call out for war needing Royal Command " etc.

    There must be something surely?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Reserve Forces Act 1996 and TA Regs.
  7. Are the TA regs in the public domain?
  8. When you get attested, one of the bits of paper you sign indicates that you have been given and have read and understood the "Notice Paper" (its a green form) this is a very difficult document to understand for the layman, and I dont think it has been updated post RFA 96 or post going to 12 year sign ons (still talks about 3 years).

    It tells you the basics but not all the details, and as msr hints, the TACOS seem to be able to be changed without any debate and any choice other than to leave or not to sign up again (now every 12 years).
  9. Does rather sound as though it ought to be squared away properly.
  10. PS once you are in, you can join armynet, download TA regs, and then leave if you dont like what you read !
    Not very helpful

    I assume RFA 96 is online somewhere.
  11. I was given one of these when I attested into the OTC. It was only two sides of A4 and didn't really tell me anything...

    RFA 96 is here: http://www.opsi.gov.uk/ACTS/acts1996/ukpga_19960014_en_1
  12. If a recruit has not got a very good idea when they are signing their attestation papers, then they have to be willfully ignorant.

    In my case, I "knew" it would be warm sandy beaches, paragliding and discos :x
  13. Agreed, it has been raised as an issue. However with money being short I doubt the MoD can afford to print new forms.
  14. No ? They seem to have managed to update quite a number and create some new ones tho. The average work-ticket appears to grow new bits of paper to tick or sign every time I see a vehicle.

    Bottom line is actually that the paperwork associated with joining up is massively over-complex. How many signatures, how many pages ? A huge waste of everyones time. That MOD cannot even keep core publications like TA Regs updated in line with legislation is farsical.