TA = Temping Agency

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bert, May 5, 2004.

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  1. Army Reserve - contemporary reflection of the organisations' raison d'etre

  2. Territorial Army - valid reflection of the organisations' current raison d'etre

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  2. Depends on your unit. Some TA units haven't had a call up since Telic 1.
  3. Not sure either is all that accurate at present; polar bear says some units haven't had a call-up since Telic 1 which I can well believe, but it does vary and our unit has sent people for all four.
    Territorial seems to suggest a Home Guard-type role.
    Reserve suggests something you call on less frequently, when you are really stuck.
    Any ideas for a third choice?!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    To me it suggests 'local', as in 'with your mates', not local to the UK.

    When they closed the TAC in Newbury, the next nearest TACs were Reading and Swindon (about 30 miles in either direction down the M4), rather unsurprisingly only a couple of people from the Coy transferred, the rest just left.

  5. We could go for 3 levels of force with in one Army

    Permenent force - the regs
    Citizen Force - The more mobilisable segment of the current TA
    Home service Force - the rest of the TA tasked with CCRF and local level functions.

    Not a new idea, it is how the South africans used to run things. It would give us the ability to move from one to the other as the need arose.

    What isnt so easy is the terms and conditions of service.

    Could be a way forward :idea:
  6. Isn't that how the americans do things aswell

    Regular Army
    Army Reserve
    National Guard

    all of which are deployable when the s*it hits the fan.

  7. Thanks consigning me to the Dads Army (HSF). On the bright side, if I get mobilised it will be with my unit and as a NCO I'll be doing my trade/job not a guard commander.

    Whats the benefits of being in the CF? More chance of FTRS/mobilisation, being away from the family, little support from your employer, etc.

    The split would never officially happen but unofficially I think it has.
  8. I think the benefit of having the 2 catigories of reserve is that it keeps the less deployable people in the Army, rather than kicking them out because they cant deploy at the drop of a hat. We need people to keep training recruits while the rest of the unit is away other wise units will die from lack of people.

    I know HSF has a bit of a "dads army" ring to it, but it does what it says on the tin, ie if there is a problem in the UK I'll turn out, but I cant leave the kids/ job etc to play in the sand box because the Govt cut too many regs.

    As for CF it is no change to the mob comit ments that we are all under now. 1 year/ mob in 3 shortly to be 1 in 5. It doe however demonstrate what we really are now: the reserve of first choice.
  9. I think army reserve is preferable as the name TA has a stigma attached to it.

    Im TA but when someone mentions TA I immediatly think of fat wasters that spend training weekends having BBQs and people like Gareth from the office.
  10. You never get a BBQ on your training weekends?! :eek:

    You're right on the stigma thing though. I would probably say I was in "the reserves" or "reserve forces" in preference to "in the TA".

    Is your unit totally free of weirdos, saddos, knife/gun freaks, though? Seems to vary from one to the next but as a whole I get the impression that it's less "normal" than the Regular army. Perhaps this is unfair?

    Oh yeah - see the "called up!"thread for more excuses/background for me but after inadvertedly becoming the subject of an article in the newspaper where it was claimed I had "moral objections" to going to Iraq - I had never said anything about it either way, nor even spoken to them - they had a comment from some stupid old f***er from the British Legion who had the cheek to come out with this:

    Soldiering isn't just jolly japes, drinking lager and playing football!!
  11. Its generally free of weirdos (except the recruits of course, which is full of the kind of people who tell you how to kill a war dog and that kind of thing!)

    However it being a PARA unit does come with its own brand of madness...
  12. Quite. We have quite a contingent from 10 PARA and they are all quite mad in their own way.
  13. Sorry I find this sentence quite insulting to my mates who have just come back from Iraq and the many who gave up their lives as Terrritorials in WW1 and WW2. Are you a TA Para?
  14. I'm a Territorial and proud of it. My regiment has more TA VC's than Regular ones (and it has more than most), and the TA Bns as part of 50 Div in two World Wars have a record of service second to none.

    I notice pb is a Leeds Rifleman, these were the boys who were ordered to hand over their armoured cars back in the 60's. The next inspection the Inspecting Officer said 'I thought you'd handed your cars back'. Yes General we have but when the MOD sold them the officers clubbed together and bought them back for the Bn came the reply.

    The Leeds Rifles band kept on soldiering even after being taken off the Army list. They were eventually reinstated as the Yorkshire Vols band and taken off the Army list under SDR. They still march on with their proud title as civvis. God bless them for their bloody minded attitude.

    I look at the history of the TA and it fills me with pride. I'm not saying it's a perfect organisation but I'm proud to be a stab.
  15. Visited the many 50 (Tyne Tyes) Div memorials last year in Normandy -cant agree with you more. Wasn't they the most sucesfull Division on D-Day and achieved the most objectives, including a well deserved VC for CSM Hollis (Green Howards).

    The Leeds Rifles still soldier on as a platoon of the East & West Riding Regiment, but me I'm with the remains of the Hallams.

    p.s. Any other Leeds Rifles please PM me I'd like to rejoin the Sgts Mess