TA Tech CIII Sylabus

Does anyone have a copy of the RSigs TA Tech Class III Sylabus?
Class III - II workbook along with CI Sylabus would be useful too.
Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you want to be a tech? (which Bde anyway).

Techs is a dying trade which really needs updating ASAP.

I'd stick with the operator trades till its been updated from the 70's


Mung - not on the internet no. There is always a danger of getting things second hand from other people that you won't get the right version. Therein lies pain!

Try using the chain of command first - ask you PSI as has already been suggested. If your Unit cannot provide then come back here.
I can confirm that the PSIs don't have them so any pointer here are greatfully accepted. Is there nything on the intranet?


The work books were on the 2 Sig Bde intranet site, they may have been moved to the SOinC website. I've not seen a syllabus and I've got the official trade training CD.

Class 3-2 workbook (like the ED's) looks very simple to complete.

Although nobody has taken the bait, I don't see techs lasting much longer. Nearly every piece of kit we have falls into the IS Eng regime, techs at the moment are being used as intelligent operators/average IT geek.

Actually not really trying to bait anyone, I expect to move over to IS Eng/Sup type of role when it(/tech) moves from the 70's to the 00's (yes even at my age!).

Even if your PSI doesn't have them, he/she has a chain of command which they can ask! We've been down this route before with operators swapping unofficial Cl 2-1 workbooks and supposed latest syllabuses. Cue whining all round when they get the official version and lo and behold it's not the same as the one they got from their mates.

Please get it from an official source. BTW - are we talking 2 Sig Bde or 12 Sig Gp (or possibly even neither....) as it does make a difference.
Thanks for the replies. I take the differences between 2 and 12 are equipment related. It more the common stuff i.e Maths and EP that I'm after and a workbook to see how they're set up.


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