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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by LilMin, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Hey all 2nd post here (ohh look I am like a regular!)

    So while I am on here may as well ask all my que's :) How are the TA with tattoos? Are they as par with the regular or are their rules able to change slightly? Just a general que and curiosity...which with some of the replies on my last thread..may actually kill the cat..
  2. Exactly the same as the regular army!!

  3. If you're a tattooed fukwit then you'll look like all the other Infanteers ! ;-)
  4. As stilts said, same as the regs. Nothing offensive, racist, sexist, etc. Nothing on the hands or face generally (though exceptions may be made where they are small on a case by case basis).
  5. If you have Para wings Pegasus or a Commando dagger before you join your probably in for a bit of a rough ride!

    When I was on my PTI's course there was one dude with wings on his arm (the wrong one I might add) and a pegasus on his chest, they didn't even look at him for the Paras and he ended up joining the Really Large Corps


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  6. there was a lad i went to school who at 16 had a "who dares wins" and capbadge tatooed on his arm, he never eve went into the military in the end, which was probably for the best.

    and his sister had a fanny like a gutted ewok
  7. One year at camp the blokes talked a new lad into getting one done by getting him pissed up & convincing him they were all going for one.

    That's a 'wah' he'll not forget...
  8. im pretty covered in tattoos my friend, i have both arms sleeved, alsong as the tattoos are not offensive you can join. i have even met soldiers with slight tattoos on their necks, i would say as long as you dont have any on your hands and neck you have nothing to worry about you will meet quite a few lads in the army who have tattoos everywhere.
  9. ahh cool, yeah i have a fair few tat's but none are offensive, just the usual really lotus, koi carp, Autobots ...blahh...i kindah regret getting them now..but as long as they dont affect the TA then i shall not have to go through the painful process of getting rid of them :)
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    It's left to me again !
    We need to see photos of your tattoo's to judge !
    Is the Koi Carp one, the source of the smell ?
  11. 'Kin 'ell, you loon! don't even give a moments thought unless you have a swastika or "RSM; I've done your Mum" on your forehead.
  12. HHH, I think you'll find the smell is you...sadly i am not near you...so sorry about that..

    Theblindking, nah nothing like that ha! I am seeing the regiment near me tomorrow to go through signing up so yay :D they are short on Medics and tried to sign me up for artillery (they are more short of them!) but yay :)
  13. only the best tattoos tho

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  14. F'ing brilliant.
  15. Knew an SBS medic who has a tattoo of a woman in fishnets on his arm. He's nails (and a very nice man) but he's terribly embarrassed by the tattoo and the legs dangle down below his rolled up sleeves. Nobody seems to mind, apart from himself. Hats off to him if he's reading this, btw.