TA Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Interesting news item from BBC

    Not quite the '$10 a day' Taliban, but their motives are quite interesting, based on resistance to corrupt local policing, but also on insensitive actions by local US forces.

    Disrupting the local irrigation system is a huge own goal.
  2. Is this part of their "One Jihadi" policy?

    Do they do two week camps?
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't let Brown read that FFS it'll give him ideas

    Will some Taliban's mother appear in their version of the Sun moaning about having to buy her son kit ?

    Perhaps they could start the Tabiees and have a once a year awards ceremony for best suicde attack etc
  4. 'STAB' still fits... :wink:
  5. Is this the actions of many?
  6. In 1984, on the Queen's Div TA Recruit Course 115, the Sgt Maj told us that it stood for “Strong True And Brave”, so I hardly think we should be applying it to the En. 8O
  7. I wouldnt worry too much about them. I presume that they will only be allowed to fight for 50 days a year anyway, what with the limitation on MTDs (Mujaheed Terror Days).

    Oooooh. Is that my taxi?
  8. I hear they've cut back on live rounds and explosives during training as well; they just run up to the enemy and shout "Durkha-Durkha! Jihad!!"

    Well, apart from the trainee Suicide Bombers. They just run up, shout "BANG!!!" at the top of their voice, then nip off for a fag break... :wink:
  9. The problem with sitting in an open plan office is that when you start laughing, everyone stops and asks you what is wrong, in case you are willing to brighten up their soul destroying day too. The problem with arrse is having to constantly say "oh nothing, you wouldn't get it".
  10. If that's your view, I take it you haven't fought them man to man.
  11. I guess you have to respect anyone who would fight man to man but with all the IEDs' being used you might start to feel abit different about how brave they are now.
  12. No different from calling air support to drop a 500lb LGB on an enemy position rather than assaulting it via route1.
  13. Other Militia Forces then. Hardly "TA Taliban." Just another branch of the resistance against us illegitimate invaders.

    If it was The TA Taliban a large number of them would be fat, they would have you Talibs who would pay out all their pocket money on better personal kit than regular talibs and they would permanently have a photo of them in Talib kit as their facebook profile even though they make Naan bread for a living at The British Embassy.

    They would spend their weekends training to fight the russians twenty years ago (Which makes sense) and would bleat if they were expected to get off after 1600hrs on a sunday. When they finally did get to take the fight to the enemy and deployed down south they would form sections and platoons and be tasked with stagging on at the Bazaar.
  14. Yeah because our anti tank tactics involve us running at a T-80 with a bayonet shouting "Freedom."


    The reason why we are so bitter about IED's is because we're not getting the chance to use similar devistatingly effective ambushing tactics in this particular campaign.
  15. Having completed Herrick 4 & 8 and going back out in February I'm sure I can make my own judgement how I feel about how brave the taliban are. Do you think the use of IED's against air power, artillery, overwhelming troop numbers, vastly superior firepower, intelligence gathering and personal protection evens those odds?
    What would you have the taliban do? What would you do in their shoes (or flip flops?)