TA taken seriously?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tackleberry626vgs, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, looking at possibly joining TA this September (chill herbs, no bone recruitment question coming) and it just got me thinking about how I've always seen the TA portrayed. I've heard all the ussual slagging lines that pop out (STAB, weekend warriors e.c.t.) from civvies and some crabs. The last time I checked the TAs over 35,000 strong, trained to work with regulars. I work with the crab reserve so I know there's banter and there's "banter", so I'm guessing I shouldn't read into the snake pit that is ARRSE to much.

    I guess what I'm getting at is: has the world grown up yet or do you guys still experience knobbers today (in and out of HM forces) who give you grief about being "part timers" despite being mobilised, working in sandy places?
  2. Of course - you can find fannies averywhere - mostly just banter though - or people trying to hide their own inadequacies. :D
  3. Why don't you take up golf as a hobby. You get to play in sand then too ;)
  4. It's changed.

    Mostly for the better but now there are different strands of warriors....

    Weekend Warriors - traditional TA
    Operations Warriors - Infantry/Paras etc
    Recurring weekend warriors (RTCs)
    Worrying Warriors - if I don't mobilise, will I still have a role?
    Enabling Warriors - I can't mobilise but I'd like to contribute
    Admin and OJAR Warriors - Officers
    Recruiting Warriors - RRTTs, OAR, ROSOs
    Ex Regular Warriors
    Semi regular Warriors - FTRS

    The list is almost endless...
  5. msr

    msr LE

    The list is as endless as the original question is tedious.

  6. Go for it...ive had 20 fantastic years..with the odd Op or two :wink: and plan to do more....most of it is bannter...enjoy and of course join the INFANTRY....the rest are all wannabees...(Fact)
  7. YOu could always try Googling "TA" and "Military Cross".
  8. I'm not for a second questioning the commitment and bravery TA soldiers contribute, those pages speak for themselves. I'm just curious as to the feedback TA soldiers get from the public and colleagues (regular) about the work they do.
  9. The feedback for the most part, is pretty irrevelant, it's a hobby for some, a second career for others, there are a multitude of reasons why we do it. The public for the most part would be unable to identify TA soldiers from their Regular counterparts, and indeed why should they, we all wear green at the end of the day.

    The cold war TA which waited for the Reds to cross the Rhine is very different to the fighting force of today, it is rare now to find to a unit where less than 25% have been mobilised for Bosnia, Iraq or Afghan, for many units it will well exceed that figure. Importantly as well, that figure covers all ranks, from your most junior (trained) Private to full Colonels. The Regular army for the most part recognises that the TA is there to augment and backfill where necessary, certainly some Regs still regard us with disdain, but for the most part the rivarly between both forces is gentle banter at best.

    With regards to colleagues, speaking from a personal note, I get curious questions, a degree of respect, but more often indifference. Ultimately though, I serve because I want to serve and whatever anyone else civilian, green or otherwise thinks, doesn't make me want to serve less.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    An interesting measure is that my colleagues tend to ask "when are you going to go to Afghanistan?", not "might you have to go?" anymore. For a non-US owned city based firm, that is a significant change in the assumption of use of the TA.

    For the TA/Reg debate - A certain amount of friction still exists, usually at the very old and very young end of the regular soldier age scale. The old ones because the have their ideas built on the TA of old, and the young because they are all warry as fcuk and invincible having just finished their training. These preconceptions tend to disappear after a fairly short period of time working together on Ops.
  11. Could you be a bit more specific about where to look on the website? :wink:
  12. Splendid, next time I meet some I'll be sure to let them know.
  13. Thats because they don't like you, Your Grace.