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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mother, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. I was mobilised in march 2003, I am a contractor in civvy street and go back to Unemployment in sep 2004. Those who were unemployed are sorted coz they had work for a while, those "employed" were sorted coz there employers kept their jobs for them, those of us who are contractors (maybe I'm the only one!) get nothing. No job, no help, nothing! Anyone in the same predicament? :x
  2. I agree. This is an area of job protection that has been overlooked, partly I suspect because it is so difficult to legisalte for and because it effects relatively few people. That said maybe it's also a great plan on the government's behalf to actually extract some taxes from us for a change :)

    From my own side, I was very fortunate in that the project I was working on before mobilisation was still up and running and happy to take me back. But you remain perfectly correct, there is no support from the system for contractors as far as I can see.
  3. That is a good question !!! did you not "Hire yourself out" to the army via your limited company in which case you should have money to come back too
  4. If you're still looking remember that your Security Clearance can be very useful in finding government contracts.
  5. msr

    msr LE


    You knew the liability for call out when you signed on the dotted line.

    The sympathy meter fails to even flicker I'm afraid.

  6. A very short-sighted view msr.

    I signed on the dotted line, as you put it, 17 years ago. i am now in a similar position to mother in that I work as a contractor.

    Should I resign from the TA because my circumstances have changed in the off-chance that I may be mobilised (which I haven't as yet, not to the current party anyway!) or should I just not have joined the TA all those years ago because I might have been in this situation today.

    Peoples lives change and you can't expect them to dip in and out of the TA as it suits them due to changes in personal circumstances / work / etc.

    The liability for call-out has changed dramatically since I joined so your statement is invalid!!
  7. I know other contractors in the same position , and it's not exactly green fields for the self-employed either.
  8. Agree with PTP, another example of our government's brilliantly thought through mobilisation process along with RHA and the fact that even though your job is supposedly protected when you get back the army wont give you any legal support if you get sacked anyway.

    Mother, won't be any help to you but for the sake of reservists yet to come, it might be worth contributing to the MOD's latest effort to appear like they listen to the country, the consultation document on finanical support for mobilised reservists. You'd have thought with all the outsourcing that they do that the MOD would understand the needs of contractors already but apparently not.

    Our unit had a contractor who had to leave his job only to be told at Chilwell he had a serious medical condition so wasnt fit to fight without a major op. So back home he goes with no job, and of course no army support (because he didnt get through the mobilisation process) so has to wait for a year for the NHS to give him the op.

    Remember - they value each and every one of us for the valuable contribution we make :roll:
  9. msr

    msr LE

    If you can't afford the financial loss then you should resign. All those years of taking the bounty is what you got in exchange for being ready to be called out.

    No, but they should be aware of their liabilities.

    But you are still collecting bounties...

    How do you propose that mobilisation be conducted - students and the unemployed first then people according to how much their day job pays them, or mobilise those best able to fill the vacancies the Regular army ask us to fill?

  10. Let's get a bit of perspective here. If we were being mobilised to face a real threat to the UK no-one would be quibbling over money or the lack of support once demobbed. But we're not. And in the main that's what we thought we were in place to defend against. Of course the post 1996 legalese may say one thing but our chain of command used to say something very different. Did you expect every TA soldier in 1996 to discount what they were told, get a lawyer to translate the RFA then make their minds up ? Get real.

    And the fact that the system says we can be called out so often does not disguise the fact that it's a stupid thing to do if you want us to be there next time. The Army can send regulars on continuous back to back operational tours. It tries not to as not many would stick around. But every honked off TA soldier who leaves means one less to replace a regular for yet another trip to the sandbox. Not necessarily a problem for the Infantry of course but a major problem for Corps. Maybe the regs should start managing the TA properly and actually put some intelligence into "intelligent mobilisation".

    So the next time you write us off as "whinging STABS" just think, you might be the one selected for another trip overseas as the TA replacement who could have gone has left as he can't risk his main income by staying in. Have fun, but at least you can feel superior to the man who could have been there instead of you if he'd been treated properly.
  11. oots,

    Well said, agree 100%. I took RFA96 to mean we'd be called out for humanitarian crisis or other things we were morally inclined to agree with(e.g. Sudan, Zimbabwee but not Iraq)
  12. msr

    msr LE

    The writing has been on the wall since RFA96 - by all accounts the brown letters were 24hrs from being posted out in 1999 for mass TA mobilisation for Kosovo.

    There is some serious smelling of the coffee needed here. I do hope your 1st night interview makes things clear to your new recruits - and judging by various responses here, some of the old sweats could benefit from listening to it.

  13. If we'd been called out for Kosovo I don't think you'd have had the problems you see now. We'd have gone along quite happily - it would have been a valid crisis not as part of TCHs temping pool. It was however a damn lucky thing that we never got called up - it would have been a bloody shambles in all sense of the world. A decade or so of underinvestment in kit and lack of MTDs would have all come home to roost, there'd have been no new kit issue and pre-op training for that party. The locals were sitting on their own turf listening in to everything we said on Clansman - but I digress.

    And again I must point out that the fact that the regulations allow you to do something does not mean it is a sensible course of action. We may be complaining but have you noticed that everyone who's complaining actually went ? No sudden outbreaks of conscientous objection here. However, if you wish to have a TA whose members stay around for more than the initial engagement then you need to make sure they don't suffer when called out in peacetime for a peacetime commitment.

    I don't think you'll necessarily have a problem finding young men to do their initial engagement including an op tour - but they will leave if job and partner are incompatible with 9 months every 3 years. So where do you get the training cadre from ? And how on earth will Corps produce decent specialists ?

    Finally, don't misunderstand why we complain - we want to serve, we want to be there when we're needed. But we're being used and then dumped, our loyalty is being cynically abused and employers are increasingly unwilling to employ us. You don't hear any complaints from those who have already left. And when we do go quiet you'll know that there's no-one left - so have fun on yet another short notice op tour.
  14. Heard the same story at the time, was quite narked as I knew I wouldn't be going (only just transferred into the corps). I believe most of us would have classed Kosovo as doing our duty, very few would have moaned about pay.
    I'd have been happier with that type of mobilisation, all our other halves would have been in the same boat and hopefully very supportive to each other, not like this where we go in dribs and drabs .. or a temp contracters
  15. My complaint was not at being called up but the fact that the MOD did not cater to support people like me after they mobilised me. The fact that I joinrd the TA and "signed on the dotted line" means I am a willing member of the armed forces. Some people differ slightly in the fact that they joined the TA to drink with their pals, I am not one of those people.
    Everyone needs a job in their lives, hell, I need to eat for gods sake! But whether your a contracctor, work at McDonalds, a nurse etc it has an impact. A patient in a hospital may die if the doctor with a certain specialisation is mobilised for example. This is no-ones fault, and I am not blaming the TA, Army, MOD, or government, but they could have policies in place to cover such eventualities. I mean they know we exist, they've been trying to get taxes off us long enough! So why ignore us or forget us now???