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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Voltiguer, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    I've been told I'm going to be attending a course called Summer Leader in the upcoming months, and that this is made up of modules 2 and 3 of the TA officer training programme (small unit tactics, theory and practice) back to back for 4 weeks in Aberdeenshire.

    As it sounds a pretty intense course, I'm looking for a heads-up from anyone here whos already been through it. What does it involve, how best to prepare, anything you wish you'd known or did before you went through it?

  2. What kind of unit do you plan to join?
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer


    But seriously, I did it last year, and have the luxurery of having a year looking at how OTC's and other RTCs go through Mods 2 and 3. Basically, it was a beasting from start to finish - dramatically improved individual skills and drills, fitness, robustness and made you aware of what leadership is like when under a bit of pressure.

    As far as i'm aware, it's actually under review this year as mods 2 and 3 shouldn't be like that - or not so physical. Mod 2 should be essentially a classroom based course, it wont be up there (one 3 day ex and one 5 day ex) whilst the mod 3 course (one 10 day ex) is very rewarding, if probably a bit too hard.

    I wont go into a slagging mode, I did enjoy myself and it certaining made me into the soldier/ocdt I am today - but there are easier ways of doing mods 2 and 3, and probably better ones for teaching you the 7 questions.

    If you want any more detail, feel free to PM me - as should anyone from last year!
  4. It'll be Infantry SM.
  5. Cheers BBear

    So pretty damn heavy on the phys then eh!

    Do you find yourself pretty much on ex for the entirety of it then?
  6. If your based in Northern Scotland your unit would be 7 Scots...the Plt commander for the course is coming from this unit....if you phone this number from the site linked The lad or our OC can have a chat with you and give a full heads up the OC was the 2ic Officer Training wing until this month.....think that would be a better course of action than on here....


    give Them a phone tonight as we are all there....

  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Volt, check pms
  8. 6 Scots (52nd Lowland) are running Ex Summer Challenge this year and I am indeed hoping to attend Ex Summer Leader, as I consider it to be the most straightforward conduit to realising my aspiration of gaining a commission. As the PO training component is run directly by 51 Bde RTC however, there is an apparent dearth of any detailed information regarding it from within my unit. Despite that it is apparent that the format of the course has changed significantly from what was the case when I originally took part as a recruit in Ex Summer Challenge in 2006. That year the TAOCC element, which I did not take part in, was merely a post CMS(R) Mod 2 equivalent course run during the last two weeks alongside the Phase 2 specialist arms courses like CIC et al. From what I have read here, I gather that Summer Leader is now a comprehensive four week course covering Mods 2 and 3 in two consecutive 2 week blocks, therefore I presume that will be the last 4 weeks of Summer Challenge, or approximately from the 19th of July to the 16th of August 2008... does anyone have any actual preliminary dates to confirm this is the case?

    Cheers in advance.
  9. is it in Cancun ?
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Kin hell mate, way to be really intellectual!

    The dearth of information is understandable, the jocks don't appear to do much admin - or if they do it's a bit all over the place. From speaking to the summer challenge lads, then yes mod 2 runs at the same time as CIC. mod 2 lasted for nearly 3 weeks, with mod 3 lasting for 11 days - 10 day ex culminating in Practac 2 and then a smoker.

    I wouldn't be suprised if you dont get formal JIs much more than 2 weeks in advance.

    Straight forward it may be, easy it is not. Go prepared.
  11. The details would be better by a quick phone to the Adj at 51 RTC.
    Heard that 7 Scots will also be providing staff for this years bash as well.
    I'm only going by past courses...Was in RTC OTW for two years as a DS.

    Very little "Real" info has been passed out as yet..but as it is overseen by OTW, i would imagine that would be the best place to ask.

    Plenty on the "Recruit" course....the place is awash with info on that! 8O

    Of course the normal Mod 2 and 3 are still running mean time under OTW at RTC......

  12. I did Ex SL07 Mod 2 last year and loved it. After having been out of the loop for a while being dropped straight in at the deep end soon rid me of my rust. It was pretty intense but looking back I couldn't have seen it being conducted any other way. Wish I had stuck about for Mod 3. I'll be back this summer for Mod 3 and maybe a refresher of Mod 2. Any questions feel free to PM me.

  13. It was hard work but really worth it. You will be pretty fit by the end of it and probably losed a fair bit of weight (and it shows when all the ex ExSL07 nailed the PFT and general fittness at Sandhurst). I lost a stone in about a week on Mod 3 of the Ex. Your skills and drills will also benefit hugely from the constant practice given over a month rather than the RTC/UOTC weekends that you would do otherwise. Also expect a 'first five weeks at regular Sandhurst' tone, as it gets you in the mood for your time at the RMAS.
  14. Have you passed AOSB?
  15. I did it last year; BBear hit the nail straight on the head.

    I came back looking like a famine victim, very intense, but great fun and character building.
    A few tips:
    1. Admin is everything, be everywhere early, looking smart and switched on
    2. Get your phys up to scratch
    3. Make sure you flush the toliet fully.

    I still flinch when I hear scottish accents....