TA summer challenge

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by 8chris4, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. hey

    im going on this TA summer challenge this summer..what exactly happens in it does any 1 know? do i do CIC there?..do they put you through your car license? ....only found on the army website that it will be challenging etc lol
    any 1 got actual experience from past TA summer challenges that they could share with me

  2. Yes, I am trying to get all of them in my name.
  3. Chris which Brigade SC?
  4. If you want to get on Summer Challenge, you better hurry up.

    Your local Regiment will put you through your driving test if it is pertinent to your role within the TA.
  5. Chris, I just realised I've already spoken to you with regards to SC 10,it comprises of, for the Inf i.e. you TSC(A) & TSC(Inf) then your CIC training if it follows the normal practice will be conducted by the TA wing who visit from Catterick and it has a very high dropout/transfer rate.
    You should also get a week adventurous training at Rothiemuchis (?) as for your driving test, as has been stated if there is a role/need for you to drive in your unit then they will put you through at another time but not during SC.

    PM me if you want more information.
  6. hey

    thanks for that,ive joined C company 6 scots,my first weekend is this weekend coming,i believe my first drill night wont be untill a week on the 6th due to easter holiday.

  7. Chris,
    I can only hope that you will be going to your TAC prior to going to Edinburgh to pick up your kit, if i was clever enough I'd link you to a thread about some one else's first w/e this w/e on the Just TA board, if you havent already read it and take from it the fact to bring everything.
  8. hey m8..i still haven't received my kit yet for this weekend..tried to get in contact with them but still no answer..ill try again tommorow morning see if any 1 is in,i was hoping to get my boots so i could break them in abit before the weekend..but looks like ill probably be getting my issued kit when i arrive there on friday..just hope i get in contact with them before friday to find out what exactly is happening.lol
  9. Welcome to C Company 6 Scots.............however I can assure you that you aren't the first person that this has happened to and you def wont be the last, it's one of the many things that grips my sh1t about how units treat their new soldiers.

    Simple things like getting boots issued so they can be broken in, as you haven't got your kit then I gather you haven't been shown how to iron it etc so on Fri night and you'll look like a sack of tatties again not your fault.
  10. hey

    yeah i haven't received my kit yet, just before the easter brake i took my oath and they took my measurements and ordered the kit etc they said they would phone, i understand they have jobs outside the TA aswell..looks like as you said ill look like a bag of shite come friday night :( .lol ,nothing i can do about it really,just looking forward to getting this first weekend out the way as im very keen to get started.