TA Summer Challenge

yes, and it works for those who are available to give up the time but that is a small percentage of those who we want to recruit.
instead of doing the 6-9 weekends and 2 week camp you do it all in a onner, more for the student types hence why its in the summer, and they raised the upper age limit, but i belive you have to have previous exprience or a skill in demand after 37,
Its the same thing we've been doing, with varying degrees of sucess, since 2006. Not gonna comment!
Summer Challenge is the child of schemes run by the Infantry in Scotland that were then opened up to the entire TA in 2006, this has been followed by Midland Challenge etc...I can remember 3 Black Watch doing it in Summer 1996 and I'm sure it happened before then too. It's a great idea but as it is resource intensive tends to go in and out of vogue. There is an Officer flavour too called Summer Leader.
Is this only running in scotland or is it all over the uk?
Ahhh..ok...just that I am really struggling to get to training at the moment with the unit I am with (RAF) as its 109 miles away, but I have to take B roads across some mountains to get to it, so its a 4 hour round trip. Bad enough in the summer for a weekend, but with all the bad weather its been a real strain.

Wanted to join a more local regiment (TA):soldier: , but I am the grand old age of 43!

I shall see what they come back with from the e-mail I have sent them.

Not taking 7 weeks off work though!!! :thumbdown:

or its off to the ACF as an AI for me...
2/51 said:
If thats the quality of the split arses on the "challenge", then I won't bother ;)
seconded!!!!!!! YUK
We started it in Scotland as a progression of the Highland Initiatives that the infantry used to run, as previously mentioned, its now more or less UK wide, with minor 'Winter Challenges' going on as well but for2-3 weeks.

What is interesting though it that an Infantry Initative is being run this yearinstead of a Winter Challenge, full circle?
i did Summer Challenge back in 2007. Was one of the best holidays i ever had, and considering how long it takes to get through phase 1 via the weekend route it saved my alot of time and provided me with enough money to move out, and for me atleast provided me with alittle more clout to pursue higher goals.
It has been going on in ulster for the past 2 years but be warned that the £1600 will be considerably less when deductions kick in such as tax etc. On a very good note though one of my friends was able to take his ILAM management course at the evenings and has subsequently landed a great job. He said it was hard enough at the time but having that option was a great bonus.
I thought the TA Summer Challenge would be to get ADE and MATTs done before the next round of cutbacks!
Try and get your camp in before the training days are cut again!

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