TA Summer Challenge in Scotland

Just interested to know if anyone on here's doing or considering doing the TA summer challenge in Scotland. I'm quite interested myself. If there is anyone who knows about it then perhaps they could answer a few questions. Do you have to be Scottish to do it or is living in Scotland enough? Do you have to commit to joining the TA after the course? I've heard there are still a few places left, anyone know how many and what the demand is like?

I'm considering joining the Army full time and I think this would be a pretty good way to get some experience. What's the TA's policy (if they have one) on their members going off to join the regular army? Do they frown upon it or view it as abandoning them?

No you do not have to be Scottish to go on Summer Challenge.


You should have been a citizen of the UK, Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland at all times since birth and should normally have lived in the UK for at least 5 years.


You need to be at least 17 years old in order to join the TA. The upper age limit depends on what you have to offer but it is normally 30 for those joining as an officer and 32 as a soldier. There are exceptions to the upper age limit for those with certain specialist skills or previous military experience

For further clarification check www.army.mod.uk. The nationalities elegible to go on SC are the same as for the regular army.

No you do not have any committment to the TA or any return of service obligations if you go on Summer Challenge. You will be classed as a TA soldier whilst you are on Summer Challenge and subject to military law and discipline. If you do not wish to continue as a TA soldier you may hand your letter of resignation in along with the kit that you've been issued. It's as simple as that. The hope is that you have such a good time that you'll want to stay in the TA and having seen the training program it looks to be an awesome seven weeks with a week of driver training and a week of adventure training included, as well as the military training. It beats packing bags in Tescos for a summer job!

You'll need a "parent unit" who will do you paperwork, administration etc. for you. Where in Scotland are you living? PM me if you need a unit or any further advice.

As for demand for the course, I personally have no idea how many spaces have been filled, but the sooner you get onto it the better.

Plenty of people go regular from the TA, it's not frowned upon at all. The TA (and summer challenege in particular) provides an excellent insight into the army. You'll find out if you are suitable for service and if you actually like it before you've committed several years of your life.

My advice is to go for it. You'll make money, friends, have a laugh, get fit and see the army in action.

Again, PM me if you need any other advice, I can try and point you in the right direction.
Thanks for the information. I'm based in Edinburgh and have been in contact with an Infantry unit. I'm going for a medical later on this week. The Sgt Major that's dealing with me at the moment didn't give any indication as to the number of spaces left or if I was likely to get a place. It does sound really good and I really hope I get a place.
I passed the Medical earlier this week and I'm due to go on a couple of weekends in May and June. If all goes well then hopefully I'll be seeing you, and all else who're going, on the 1st of July.

If you speak to the Regional Training Centre (Scotland) a certain WO2 will be able to point you in the right direction
Besides, if you don't manage to get on Summer Challenge the Ph RTW are still running the normal week-ends, so you could get on them if you're still keen.
Very, very good idea, and well presented.

PLEASE, anybody involved in organising PLEASE PM me with details IOT replicate.


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