TA Summer Challenge 2012

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lsaul95, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. I've been told about Summer challenge 2012, and really eager to crack on with it. Sounds like a good bunch of weeks. Hoping to get my driving license through it too.
    Anyone else doing it this year?
  2. yes...for the 5th time

  3. Nice one! What squadron you in?
  4. 633 Squadron - Which one are you ?
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  5. I'm not in any squadron....I'll be teaching...again
  6. 251 Medical Squadron!
  7. Ah right, apologies! 5th time teaching... You must be good then?
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  8. Grantham? I heard it wasnt happening this year, whats the dates
  9. Scotland (Edinburgh) not got the dates to hand, sorry
  10. Ha Ha, you'll all probably mount your buses and mid route be boarded hooded and wake up in a high vis jacket or other garish outfit manning a bin at the Olympics... but shh! don't tell anyone about the cunning plan to meet the TA's requirements for OP Olympics ;)
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  11. Does the Challenge involve a BFT? Getting out of your scratchers before 0930hrs? Walking past a Greggs without going in?
  12. 23rd June to the 29th July for Edinburgh guys. Was in one of the duty companies last year. (6 scots)
  13. Boxy did I meet u last year???
  14. Fixed that for you
  15. No you didn't, I was otherwise occupied Advising at the ANA Officer Cadet School in Kabul.....