TA Summer Challenge 2009


Does anyone have different dates to this: Fri 19 June – Sat 8 August 2009

I've put my name forward as an 'instructor' and have dates that are after this (RSigs trade training).

I'd expected 2 weeks Phase 1, 2 weeks normal recruits cadre, 2 weeks special to arm and a week driving (with some adventure training squeezed in somewhere)

There might be more than just a Royal Signals one - in fact, I'm not sure that there is a Royal Signals one...they are run by RTCs across the country for new recruits...do they do STA on Summer Challenges (I think not)?

e.g Midlands Challenge is run over period early July (4th I think) through to mid August.


Cheers the dates I posted were from the Scots summer challenge site. I'd presumed they all ran at the same time, how else would you coordinate the special to arm training at the end..... looks like I'm not going anyway, dates clash with family holiday


the one at malta bks last year went on into september id say 1 month after your dates dont know if the same is happening this year


Those dates are right for SC09 - AT is meant to be in Aviemore in about week 3... Enjoy! :p
I'll have to chase my recruiter up about midlands challenge. Haven't heard anything for weeks.

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