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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scottish88, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Will be spending 7 weeks at Cameron Barracks (sure its been held there have been told by a few people, please correct me if wrong) this Summer doing the TA summer challenge 2009, I'm just wondering what facilities are available and what the accomodation is like? Id hate to be stuck in a stinking accomodation with no space :oops: Also would like feedback on the shower rooms, are they cubicles or just one room with aload of showers around the whole room with everyone watching you wash :|?

    Also maybe a stupid question to ask but are mobiles aloud?

    Any feedback would be great 8).

  2. Best bet is to ask all this sort of stuff to your unit training staff.

    20 man rooms, not enough space for all your kit, mobiles allowed but not during your lessons, showeres - don't know I didn't make a habit of hanging around the male showers, mine however was a bank of showerheads in an open plan room.
  3. unless its changed, its open plan showers

    trust me everyone isnt "watching you wash", in fact why would they?

  4. Thanks John, still something that i wouldnt be too keen on doing :|
  5. It's the lad next to you pissing on your leg you want to worry about, not watching you shower.

    Are you a bender? Showering with other men is the ultimate liberation, it shows you are completely at ease with your sexuality. You get even more man points if you comment on the size of others girth or the way they trim their pubic hair.

    Get in amongst it and embrace this time honored tradition finely kept alive by the Armed Forces and local Ruby clubs nationwide!

  6. No i aint no bender :eek: I have a girl that im very happy with and have done for the past 3 year :D

    Still isnt something that i wouldnt fancy doing standing in a shower room with aload of dudes with there cocks out!

    No thanks 8O

    I wouldnt even do it at my local swimming pool or gym with a few dudes never mind a room full off people! :eek: just isnt my thing
  7. What exactly is your problem with the common wang? Do you clean your bellend with your eyes closed? What are you going to do when you are in the field and you need to pull your kegs down infront of your oppos in a morning to scrub your c0ck/crotch region? run and hide in a bush and do it or just be a grot and come down with some skin related ming disease?
  8. Man the fcuk up!!!

    Don't you go anywhere that involves a communal shower?

    Sheltered life? In this day and age?
  9. i was one of the results of SC06.
    yea 20 man rooms, one locker to each bed space make sure u have a padlock.
    i believe there are ironing boards available but pretty tatty but boards and a cheap iron can be bought for pennies.

    yes communal showers and youll have to be more confident wi ur nads out when it comes to the health and hygiene lesson in the field

    and i believe theres a weekly service wash just make sure you take your laundry bag and have all your kit named as there were many experiences when i did it of kit going missing and might even be worth taking out kit insurance as it could really be that bad. might have changed since then

    mobiles are allowed although id suggest unless theres a likely event of a family emergency keep it locked up during the day and only use it in down time.

    Also a point to note certinly when i did it was that for the whole SC your gated(apart from the night before passing out
    ) therefore stuck on camp the whole time but there is a small bar with 2 can rule if i can remember right.
    but if your platoon commander is switched on he may organise a tesco run once a week for mags, treats, toiletries etc

    But stick in and keep your head down and enjoy it. its a long hard slog but youll come out the other side a solder.
    and if you stick in and be yourself you might even win best recruit like me!! haha

    again dont quote me on all of this as things may have changed since i went through the machine
  10. All the other recruits went sick then? :wink:
  11. lol well there was a case of D+V when i was there although i was one of the lucky ones not to get it
  12. Sword fight, anyone?
  13. Your place or mine? We could even do it in the 20 man communal showers and make a battle royale out of it!
  14. lol how about a 3 way im game for that
  15. But seriously, if you can't touch your mates c0ck how can he trust you to pile his insides back into his body and hold them in place if he gets zapped?