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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by allyjs, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently in sixth form at the moment and i'm seriously considering joining the TA to gain experience for joining the regs after my A-levels are done.

    So i was wondering if anyone here is or has served in the TA whilst studying in sixth form and how did this fit in with their studies?

    I've already read the wiki entry about students in the TA but couldn't find much on this subject.

    Any help would appreciated.


  2. I did it. It's possible.

    Just make sure your unit know, and they will make allowances for your studies.

    Make sure you also concentrate on your studies, and don't get carried away with too much TA at the expense of your exams. The TA will always be there until you are 43. Time at college won't.
  3. I did, and I also did the first two years of my degree.. tbh it shouldn't really affect your studies, some of the weekends can be a bit of a nightmare to sort out, but if you plan properly it shouldn't be a problem.
  4. I am a single mum and just finished college! If i can organise it anyone can!! you'll thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and facing new challenges!!
  5. Very sound advice
  6. Cheers guys. Very much appreciated :D
  7. It wont get in the way, i was in the TA during my years at uni, (OTC were a bunch of walts) the pay was a nice extra and bounty time was F@@king great. what Regt you joining??
  8. The nearest TA infantry unit to me is 7 RIFLES so i think that is the most likely option for me. Then after A-levels and a bit of time in the TA then the Parachute Regiment as a regular hopefully.
  9. Are you going in (the regs) as an officer??
  10. Hopefully, i'm certainly going to give it by best shot.

    However if the powers at be decide that the officer route is not for me then i'll go in as a private and try and work my way up (without sounding too ambitious and giving the impression that i'm going to take on the world).
  11. fair play, if you go to uni DONT join the OTC they are the biggest bunch of fcukwits out. also they dont get the same pay or bounty as normal TA. Good luck with it all.

  12. Cheers mate :D . Yeah i've already been warned about the OTC being a drinking club.
  13. go for it i did the same thing in the sixth form and uni!

    great fun and the extra cash kept me out of shelf stacking for beer money
  14. I really wish I'd joined up when still in 6th form, but I joined the TA in my gap year, and then continued at uni. Certainly the better option for me, better pay, more mature peers, the experience of being a trooper, and from what I've heard from people in the OTC , the TA are far more understanding when it came to uni work, and they were very supportive of me when it came to exams. When I went to see the OTC in freshers week (I was planning to train with them in term time, and with my old unit in the hols), they were just overgrown cadets with no professionalism about them at all. And their permanent staff were just rude.
    If you're going to do a year in industry you should be able to go on attachment / transfer units which would probably be easier than trying to get to an OTC detachment (depending where you are).

    Have fun and good luck!
  15. The next step is trying to win the mother over to the idea as i'm not yet 18 and i'd need her to sign any forms as well.