Ta standards and fairness to personnel

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by rogerinfrance, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi, as an ex TA soldier and also working for the US military and later the UK military, I feel that I have the opportunity to put an input to the very silly gamble about using the TA and renaming etc.
    In a non front line role the TA can and will play a very useful part, in an emergency,such things as the REME, RAMC, RLC, Royal Signals, RMP to name a few as these roles often also reflect the civilian jobs that these people do, however, in a tactical position there is the likely hood that there will be lack of skill, and the lack of adhesion. Let alone the things that "happen", being under fire, killing an enemy, and also having friends, or collegues injured or worse killed. The ability to continue to work under those conditions is not part of the TA training.
    Now as to fairness, well the state is taking the piss out of both the regular squaddies, and the TA guys. The TA guys will probably lose some of their pension because they "played" soldiers, they are likely to not be able to "slot" back into their original jobs, imagine one day you are killing the enemy, the next doing IT in an office, you CANNOT just change like that. Many of these guys do not understand the ramifications. Now for the regulars, they have put their life on the line and commited themselves to xyz years, programmed their life accordingly and have done and seen things that do not allow them to be slotted into civilian life easily. Worse, how many companies need a GPMG gunner, or a tank driver, how about a mine detector operator. At say 32 these guys stand NO chance of getting a job, let alone from suffering PTSS to a certain degree. Everybody that is likely to suffer being under fire, or attack is to a greater or lesser extent likely to suffer that. We had problems after the second world war, many came back from fighting and discovered the world no longer wanted them.
    Frankly, given the above scenarios anybody that signs up today as a TA soldier is doing themselves no favours.
    So, to all of you that have, or are about to have the piss taken out of you I salute you.
  2. A few points

    1) You say the ability to work under 'those conditions' with reference to enemy fire, the taking of life and dealing with friends killed and injured and that dealing with it is not part of TA training - are you saying regulars shoot at eachother, kill eachothers mates then get a power point on how to deal with it afterwards?

    And 2) You question what TA soldiers would bring to the table in the hypothetical situation of reacting under enemy fire - it's not a theory, it happens regularly.

    Your post smells like a badly cleaned Vagina, you dirty ****.
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  3. Rogerinfrance

    I hope you are in France, and that you stay there, because you are clearly about as educated and articulate as my chicken sandwhich you absolute belter
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I wonder of rogerinfrance would like to have an in-depth discussion of his stated views with Matthew Croucher.
  5. Has anyone on this thread actually named a TA / reserve person by name in order to quantify their argument yet?

  6. That's nice. I'm having a chicken cup a soup for lunch, no sandwich today though only bread because I decided I'd rather have another 10 minutes in bed instead. And a raspberry yoghurt for after.

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  7. Oh, and before you start giving it the billy big licks, I am a honking STAB who has served on ops recently as an INF bod; and have experienced the situations you outline so eloquently above. And, suprise suprise, I've not returned to work and sat in the corner drooling and crying. Pillock
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Matthew Croucher GC RMR.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That clumsy ****? He didn't look where he was going and then fell over.

    I am not sure we should be using him as an example of how great the reserves are!
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  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Even so a Tier 1 gong for not "look(ing) where he was going and then fell over" isn't too shoddy and does put the Reserves in a good light.
  11. You toucher of undeveloped genitalia.
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Why thank you. I shall no doubt return the compliment in kind in due course.
  13. my mate Dave
  14. Is n't it sad how some people let themselves and others down by their totally ignorant vile rants. To denigrate something for no good reason actually smacks of a limited intelligence. Obviously one of the 1.2.3 types. Just think, the army of today does not have GD's anymore! Lower intelligences fail at the basic exam, you know, the bit where they have to open the door BEFORE walking thru it!
    Said person is NOT aware of circumstances, the real effect on people, or the long term results.
    This is possibly due to his continual interest and playing with the dirty smelly things he is on about, and now in his dottage, has a non rising to the occasion, smelly old willy, possibly again exacerbated by his aquaintance with afore stated item.

    Now for some facts, regular army personel get the opportunity to train more intensely, there is a mix of experienced and newer soldiers so there is the likely hood that some in the cohesive unit have "done it before" and so can therefore pass lessons onto to newer lads, The TA soldier who is possibly more intelligent IQ wise, has not had the same intense training, is likely to suffer a greater strees than them as seen it before. Further the other factor is that the TA guy may well have been working in an office, organising papers, in other words a sedentary job 3 days before deployment, or he may have been working shift just 24 hours before being deployed.
    I also have NEVER seen TA soldiers being in a live fire scenario as I have seen both US and UK squaddies, in fact I was the only person in our LAD that had ever had live rounds "swishing" overhead, and THAT should not have really happened!
    So do not say that their live fire experience is the same its not.
    You have obviously not had the chance to see the various differences, so that makes YOU the dirty female anatomy, and a 12353535... as well.
  15. **** off Rog.