Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by xpat, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm an SPS Clerk recently completed my TA PTI Basic course & looking forward to the Intermediate course fairly soon. Can anyone tell me if I'm entitled to wear the crosed swords badge on my rank slide?

    'Coz when I got back to my TAC after the course, my boss, bless 'im, quickly tells me I can't wear the thing 'coz I'm SPS. While this would no doubt save me from a few beastings on other training courses, in fact I want the world to know I'm a PTI - hey,
    [align=center]I LIKE the beastings!! :twisted: [/align]
    So I've spent hours searching the dress regs, searched Arrse for any previous threads, & can't find any rule saying I can't wear the badge.

    Is he right, or is he just a tw*t?

  2. Now I'm no dress regs guru, but I would have thought that you're as entitled to wear the AIPT crossed swords as any other capbadge?
  3. I thought so too, but wanted some evidence before turning up proudly displaying the badge & taking the rap...
  4. Yes, you can wear your crossed swords and other stuff like vests, blue tracky type top etc. You've done the course, regardless of the corps you're in.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Crossed swords - yes. APTC badge of crossed swords with crown - no (so those speshul white vests are out).

    Never seen it worn on a rank badge though.
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  6. Your crossed swords are a trade badge which you have earned, probably not without some pain.

    Your SPS badge is just another girly title dreamt up by someone who has never earned anything and does not want to feel left out!!!

    Wear your trade badge with pride young man [or woman].!

  7. Well come see me and i will give you the beasting of your life, oh wait better not the TA break rather quickly :p
  8. Might there be some confusion 'twixt you and your boss here? I understood that sewing the crossed swords on a rank slide (whilst a popular affectation with the youth of today.....bless 'em) is not a correct form of dress. The only thing that should appear on slides is rank and occassionally the Regt/Corps nomenclature etc.

    Woolly Pully (if they still issue them), No. 1's etc, yes. You earned it.

    ......but then again I am certainly no RSM!
  9. Taken from AGC Dress Regulations, Section 5

    a. See Mat Regs for all detail. No badge is to be worn by any member of the Corps unless he/she has the authority of his/her Commanding Officer.

    b. In the AGC the only qualification badges to be worn on No 10 Dress are those worn ‘in perpetuity’ (ie once qualified, always qualified) ie Army Flying Badge, Parachute (OR Parachute with wings OR SAS badge), Commando Badge, Army 100 and TA 50.

    c. There are currently no badges of employment or appointment authorised for wear by AGC officers or soldiers except those worn by RMP (ie ‘MP’ and ‘SIB’).

    Does this answer your question? I think that your RAO is correct.
  10. To add to that, those "special rank slides" with rifles, swords etc embroidered on are NOT recognised as standard dress - if they were they would be issued. Additionally, as a member of the SPS, regulations state you have to wear a rank slide with SPS on it (oddly enough - issued). Personally, I wouldnt waste your money of them. As previously stated No 1, No 2, JHW and blue tracksuit of pain - knock yourself out! If you are going to get yourself a "hunk" vest, get one without the APTC embroidered badge - It really upsets APTCIs when unit PTIs sew a little bit of white sheet over half of their Corps badge and rightly so!
  11. From my time as a AIPT back in the late 80's early 90's you could wear the white vest with red piping plus red embroidered cross swords on front of vest (with white patch over crown).

    As stated, have not come across rank slides which have cross swords on (these were less common in my day when rank was on sleve whereas today all rank seems to be worn on rank slide on front epulette).

    Guess there is some QR Doc which specfies 'cross swords shall/shall not be worn on........' have not come accross this yet though!

    Remember being asked by some overweight Sgt after passing course, 'are you qualified to wear those?! [swords]'

  12. Fair comment I agree - though this wouldn't be necessary if the AIPT's were issued with a set of vests with swords but without crown....
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You do realise that in the 6 years since he asked the question he has probably long since left the TA, let alone given up worrying about putting up a badge on his rank slide.
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  14. Yes the original post was ages ago as you point out. I didn't notice.