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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommo16, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Maybe another dumb question, but do we get paid as regs for participating in any sports activities(Football, Athletics,Orienteering etc etc.....??) Can anyone shed some light please?
  2. If it's trainning your paid.

    Or as our local friendly subby says "If you come through the gates, your getting paid".
  3. If its for the corps then you have to be paid for insurance etc
  4. Does Cat C trg still exist? I assume it does in which case you sign a Cat C trg paysheet which gives you insurance cover adn puts you on-duty so you can drive service transport etc but you don't get paid, you only get your travel as usual.

    anyone more enlightened care to correct me as this is all sketchily recalled from hazy memories of having time in the trg programme to do sports seperate from the trg weekend sunday kickaraound...
  5. Yes you do all of our guys who play football get paid for the time they play and trg. When we play at Corps level you get paid for the whole weekend. This must always be cleared with RHQ to avoid any slaps form TM type people.
  6. CAT C training gets you insured, and pays your travel claim to the TA centre. It gets used when the training you are doing has no military value, but it's being organised in-house.

    This is why it's worth checking with your Training cell before you disappear for a weekend to play sport, just to make sure that you're going to be allowed the MTD's.

    My experience has been that if you want to take the Unit paintballing - then that's CAT C training. Want to enter a team for a sports competition, such as football or cross country - then you'll generally get the MTD's.

    But get the RAO/PSAO on side, and the best way to get that to happen is to have the authority from the Training cell to hand first.

    To get that, simply get the Team Captain to put up a case, explaining what you're doing and what you'd like from the Unit. Do it properly and you can get access to funds from the PRI (team kit) and your wider Corps/Arm funds.
  7. But getting the TA to take part in sport is a different matter. For instance, its the TA rugby 7's next weekend in Aldershot. But, after weeks of asking for volunteers, we still have just 1 reg and 1 NRPS. So nobody seems to want 2 1/4 days pay for playing a few games of 7's.
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    msr LE

    Is this your first post on arrse about this? How/where were you asking?

  9. I hear what your saying but it is not up to the PASO!! If you as a TP Comd want to run sports then run sports. Get the OK from your TM and you will also get backing for kit etc.
    If you show that you really want to do this they will let you as it come under the trg and retention MTD bracket.
  10. On Regimental Part 1's of course! Where else?
  11. Something like this would have been ideal for me, but I've heard nothing about this.

    (Not sure whether I'd be OK to do it as I haven't finished CMS(R) yet.)
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    You know where to advetise next year then ;)