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Hope you don't mind the post. Have used the search function for the last few hours and found no answers.

I thought I'd ask in here.

I have received treatment for depression. Mostly from an incident years back, but was over prescribed anti depressants and all kinds of nonsense. None of it worked. In fact pills seemed to just keep me in a rut. Eventually the doc takes me off every said pill, tries another. At one point he gave me a pill for epilepsy!

Sorry doc, it doesn't work. Next.

Finally a couple of years ago I tell him to stop as I am fine. Prob is coming off all the drugs takes time. Some of these things are evil. So i work at it.

Now I am down to one pill, which I will be off in a month or so. This is a very very small dose of diazepam. You have to come off this slowly. hence the time lapse between being well and finally getting off the so called treatment.

Anyway. Am not depressed, haven't been for years, but my med records would prob look shocking to the uninitiated.

I would be able to get supporting letters on my recovery from the prescribing Head Doctor and my GP.

Question is this:

1. I would like to be honest with the TA about said history, but am I being a mug by doing so? I know I'm fine - trouble is I like to be honest.

2. If I do own up to it, will I get to actually see a specialist at any stage who understands this stuff? What are the odds?

3. At what stage/how early in the process do you see said doc? After I've spent weeks in the system? Wasted everyone's time?

4. Is it possible to have an anon chat with a TA doc?

5. If I do own up to it will I be told to come back in 2 years or so? If so this is a bit of disaster as I'm old enough as it is :D

I appreciate any help and advice here. I'm not trying to pull a fast one. All info is honest and I think I'd be a credit to the TA.


Always let them know before hand - if you don't and it comes up - you won't even get a sympathetic ear let alone get your records seen by a specialist.

I've had a fook load of med problems over the last few years, just managed to pass my medical. (Back to FE now.) It took over a year to sort out. In the end the main item that swung it in my favour was a letter from my GP saying that my medical conditions on record that had caused my previous problems were no longer a problem.
(Thank fook they don't know about the other 20 or so problems I haven't told them about.)

If you want to have an anon chat with a TA doc ask on the Medics forum, there may be one on there if you are lucky.

Finally - what trade/corps/regt are you going for? What do you do in Civ Street?

Good luck!

Fair one mate.

Try the Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC forum for chats with docs.

Good luck once again!

At your medical let the doctor know. Be completely honest and you should be fine if there's no reoccurring depression. If he wants information from your doctor and your doctor says you have not had any symptoms of depression fo x years, you should be fine.

No need to go in and on your initial interview say "I have had depression", just let the doctor know as he will likely be more qualified to evaluate as to whether it will be a problem than whoever carries out your initial interviews.
Be honest as your past will catch up with you. When you start the recruiting process you will normally go to your local TA medical unit for you medical or see your own Regimental Medical Officer all of whom can get reports from your GP and have access to psychiatric services for specialist advice..

Your only problem may be that your history will have to be taken into consideration, if you have a history of mental illness can or will it affect you on operations and will the appropriate Medical help be available in theatre and what could the consequences be for you or your unit.

Not all doom and gloom though good luck with your application.

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