TA Specialists

I've been reading stuff recently about TA Specialists and wander if anyone can tell me a bit more about them.

There's quite a bit on the general TA website but I would like to hear from anyone who is a specialist and what it involves.

Sounds like an easy option so far.......

Cheers for any help

Depends on which specialist unit you go to.

All will get you upto the correct level in military skills, but mostly the specialist TA wants you for what you do in Civvi street.

Also the number of weekends quoted is the absolute minimum, for a trained soldier.

If you want to progress up the ranks and maybe go for a commission then you will find that you need to do extra weekends.

Hope this answers some of your qs
You might get a slightly better response if you said what field you're interested in Monty.

There is a great booklet available, i believe, if you call the TA recruitment line and ask for information.

It lists the majority of jobs available in the TA which you'd then have to weigh up with the travel etc involved.
15 days annual camp, 1 weekend on standards (ITDs) and 1 week out of camp training. That is the minimum requirement. Quite often Specialist units are manned by ex-regs or people who have specific skills. An example is 104 Bn REME out of Bordon.

You may be fortunate to get more training, although in my experience, this tends to be given to the same people over & over again. I wonder why?
We worked with a bunch of loggie DROPS drivers who were a specialist unit and who proudly told us they were bounty hunters when we first met them.

they couldnt understand why we were so keen to tip up one weekend in two when 19 days a year was quite enough for them!

Having said that, the majority were good lads who cracked on with the job willingly when we got out to the sandy stuff.

Mr Happy

Always been a shocker to me that TA specialists with 19 days PA get the same bounty as 'normal' TA on 1 wkd a month and every Wednesday night.
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