TA Specialist Units in London/SE

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SigDev_Duck, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    I'm trying to find out what Specialist Units there are in London or the SE. There's plenty of info on TA units in general, but I'm looking specifically for those with a lower, e.g. 19 days per year, training commitment.

  2. Thanks.

    Some of the content on the linked sites is naff, but some good info there.
  3. Your not going to find specialist units in london. From some of your previous posts I think your background suits LIAG or LCISG (RSigs CVHQ)@ Corsham
  4. Hi Polar

    As I am not a techie, LCISG seems to be out. Did have a go with LIAG, but didn't get past such Board questions as "How often have you briefed officers at the 1* level and above?"... (Mind you, they also asked "What can you tell us about the Royal Signals?"...) :lol:

    What they did say was "Go away, get some more experience, apply again..." (I para-phrase here - their feedback was more extensive and, actually, very helpful).

    The other down side is that I live 3-4 hours (by car) away from Corsham...