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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TheCiscoKid, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    At present I'm looking to join a TA specialist unit and have an interview lined up with 81 Signal Squadron. As I have a career in telecommunications this seemed an obvious choice.

    In addition to any information on the aforementioned Squadron I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on the various specialist options available. I get the impression that each specialist unit (say REME vs. RLC) varies in the amount of training available outside of the 19 days compulsory, and that some outfits are better than others. I received an RLC brochure out of the blue this morning and was quite interested by the pioneer specialism.

    Any advice or info given will be most appreciated.

    The Cisco Kid.
  2. Good for you mate.
    I'm off to a TA RLC "show you what we do" weekend next month (4th/5th) and was planning on posting what I though of it. Alternatively give them a ring and come and see for yourself. RLC specialists are based at Grantham, Lincs.
    Send a pm to Listy (he's signals TA) though I don't think he's a specialist.
    Or you could try the wiki/Abacus

  3. Cisco - you don't say what type of telecommunications specialist that you are but dependant upon that, there is also LIAG (Land Information Assurance Group - Information Assurance) and the IT Pool - to be LICSG (Land Information Communications Systems Group) - to consider. LIAG looks at security aspects and LICSG will deal with the high level specification, contracts, management and resolution of all types of IT systems and issues relating thereto.

    See ArmyNet (Royal Signals Fourm) for more details. Both LIAG and LICSG (which will be starting to recruit this summer) are for consultant types who will be appointed as PQOs (Professional Qualified Officers). You can ring CVHQ RSIGNALS to find out more - see www.army.mod.uk or ArmyNet for their number.
  4. Is PQO's an shortened commission? (thanks in advance as this could relate to my civilian job)
  5. I can comment on the RLC specialist side as I wont on the recruiting team at Grantham and will be at that weekend mentioned on the 4th/5th March.

    Outside your 19 days minimum commitment (15 days camp, 2 weekends) are plenty of opportunities to get loads of time in. In fact many do around 40-50 days I think as a rough average.

    Adventure training - Ex Deep Ranger is run every year and includes skiiing, diving, climbing
    Shooting - STASAAM and COPRSAAM (plus DIVSAAM) every year plus practice weekends (allegedly!)
    Courses - loads out of Grantham itself including your core trade course (baring Petroleum and Ammo Spec which are done elsewhere)
    So C, C+E, MHE, DROPS, RadOp, MPC, MPC(A), and so on.
    Various sports teams for your regiment have team and competition practices.
    FTRS, Op Tour, BATUS continual vacancies once recruit training and trade qual'd always on the go
    Specialist odd weekends - FIBUA/OIBUA/Whatever the acronym is these days at Catterick/Copehill Down
    Standard's Weekends - usually 4 or 5 to choose from each year
    Recruiting Team - every month.

    If you want the days, they are always there!

    If you wanted, you could easily go Pioneer and RadOp - combining a little of both of your wants. Of course RadOp is not quite as comms as a Signaller, but you cant have it all can ya!

    Next weekend btw - bring suitable clothing, its freezing in Grantham! Has its own microclimate. Expect to do some DCCT (simulated shooting range) off road driving, command tasks and death by powerpoint.