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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. I'd never heard of Weekend Warrior - A Territorial Soldier's War in Iraq by Kevin Mervin* until Amazon rather spookily recommended it to me.

    The reviews of it on Amazon (here) are all a bit gushing. Anyone here read it? Any good? Worth a busy megalomaniac's time?

    * A comedy pseudonym, shurely?
  2. I’ve just taken a look at that page and the book looks good, I’ve just bought a copy.
    I’ll let you know if it’s a good read.
  3. Damn it, I wish you’d warned me earlier.
    Oh well, too late now. I’ll make my own mind up.
  4. Looked at the earlier thread (here) just now. Seems as though people were slagging off the Waltery and dodgy reporting evident in a News of the World article about the guy, rather than in his book.

    Still, the Amazon reviews do suggest a bit of exaggeration, not least because they are so over the top that I wonder whether the author or his Mum posted them. For example:

    Or how about this:

    Frankly, I despair.
  5. Fair enough - I couldn't recall the exact details of the thread, just that the title of the book seemed familiar & I thought I recalled some sneering at the content. As I'm a civvy I'm not in a position to comment. Anyhow, we don't all enjoy the same books, so who knows, you may love it.
  6. I've got a copy, read it when it first came out, worth a read I'd say.

    Not really that much waltiness in it, IIRC he only ends up shooting two or three times, never close range and most of it is hurry-up-and-wait type stuff. (He was in REME as a Recovery Engineer)

    He also doesn't like the anti-war protesters much, keeps referring to them as the "paint your arse blue and howl at the moon brigade" so I don't think he's trying to score points for political correctness either :)
  7. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Not a bad book, not too much waltery.

    Pity about the glaring mistakes on some of the abbreviations and equipment which spoilled it a bit for me

    AQMS - adjutant quarter master sergeant 8O

    Just one that springs to mind
  8. I received my copy in the post yesterday, I’m 3 chapters in and so far it’s a good read.
  9. Dunno about appreviations or equipment 'cos I'm a n00b, but even I got the impression he was never too sure which end of the rifle was the dangerous bit. They're just RAC/AA/Green Flag in uniform aren't they? ;-) (Apologies to any REME's reading this :))
  10. Apologie accepted :D
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    REME work bloody hard and often have to suffer the affects on the kit of some twat doing a bit of self repair rather than get someone who nkows what they're doing to do the job. Our toys wouldn't go bang/whirr/choo choo/rumble etc. were it not for REME, who to be fair often get the shitty end of the stick....all this recognition and I'm not even REME, but I just spent the day working with them and they do work hard (.......most of the time).
  12. ^and they have always got beer......
  13. ^ Yes, but it’s always warm beer :(

    Back on topic, I’ve almost finished that book. It’s a very good read and highly recommended.
  14. Well, whatever anyone thinks of the book, by it being talked about on here it will get excellent advertising...

    Met a few TA in Basrah in 2003 who had been with the Royal Engineers Survey Gp, really good bunch providing all the mapping for the U.K. Force... they also had the sexiest female squaddie with them I'd ever had the pleasure of seeing!!!