TA soldiers in Kabul: A day in the life - Question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mongoose, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Posing Photo :roll:

    Either that or they've got a job with Henno
  2. Looks like a boring tour anyway.
  3. I met a bloke who seriously advocated switching to the enemy's weapons system, and fighting their way up the supply chain...
    Doubt it's reached quite that level of desperation out in Kabul though...
  4. Hey Sweaty..look at all the kit they have we had none of that :)....and 4 Lancs "again" thats the second time the poor buggers have been there we took over from the last time :)

    good luck Lads have a safe tour
  5. was in kabul till feb this year 4 lancs replaced us ( 6scots ) it was`nt that boring maybe not as lively as helmond but the threat of ied`s is really high so every time your on the ground it pays to stay awake
  6. Of course , didn't mean any offence by it.

    My comment was more about the daily routine of marshaling traffic and stagging on rather than any risk factor. I wasn't knocking the lads in any way.
  7. When the highlight is foot patrols, you know your tour is sh*t. Mind you, doing much the same job in Helmand at present, I'd say we're no better off. A TA FP tour is always going to be w*nk.