TA soldiers disciplined for Facebook comments?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Bushnut, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Hyperthetically... if a TA soldier posts inappropriate comments (i.e. racist) on their Facebook profile/wall, can they be disciplined by their unit? Would it make a difference if their profile stated their employer was 'Territorial Army' and has photos of them in uniform? (The posting of photos in uniform etc is a completely seperate topic of course!)

    One argument put to me is that "the comments are their own views, posted in their own time in their private capacity and there's nothing that can be done". However I wholeheartedly diagree with this as I feel it affects the British Army's reputation, and potentially has breached the Service Test.

    I do not see there being any differentiation between a TA soldier doing this, as oppose to a regular soldier. I am pretty sure if a regular soldier did this there would be serious repercussions.

    Any thoughts appreciated...
  2. I personally think that what people write on Facebook is not as private as they believe. Especially if they have no privacy settings and anyone can read anything they write.

    Also, If someone has the TA as their employer and has pictures of himself in uniform, then I think the way he acts on Facebook represents his employers.

    If you read something racist from his then someone would assume that everyone in the TA is like that.

    My 2 pence worth.

  3. TA Unit: "Soldier **** Nuts, you have been posting nasty things on Facebook, please report to the CSM / SSM next week for AGAI action"

    Soldier **** Nuts de - kits the next working day to escape AGAI action.
  4. TA are quite right to carry out disciplinary action IMO. A unit I know had a member of the PS disciplined for saying an exercise abroad was crap while he was still on it!
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  5. I don't know for sure but it is not something I would like to test out, I know the Police is over the top on "PC", but while I was serving a collegue was given words of "advice" because he had liked a page which supported troops in Afgan. Being ex Army like myself you would think that it would be ok but no! apparantly It could cause offence to our "customers".
    You have to think from the bang back on this as well, what are the potential conseqences to the various line managers who take no action when comments which could cause offence are apportioned to an individual who they command and then subsequntly to a unit, regiment, Army etc. Shit only rolls down hill and at a senior level failiure to deal with racism and bullying will properly **** up their career, so don't get caught out.
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  6. A friend of mine (A proper Dave) got tossed from his unit as an Officer because he had photos of himself behaving like a Dave on his Facebook along with photos of him in uniform. The situation as I understand it was that someone called his CO and complained (Rumour has it that it was MI). Anyway, he was binned for the state of his Facebook profile. It may just have been because he was an officer but if you recall the old 'Service Test' you can be held accountable as a soldier for what you do in your spare time. Whether or not your unit can be bothered to is a different question.

  7. As an aside. What sanctions are available for TA members? Can't they just sack it if they don't like it?
  8. Of course they can sack it.

    The OC is not going to be rocking upto someones civilian abode to AGAI them.
  9. Although you could say that justice had been served by him being discharged, albeit by himself. As long as he wasn't allowed to reenlist the following week.
  10. Two junior NCOs in my Coy both have multiple convictions for assault and affray and nobody seems bothered about that. Service test? Depends who your dad is I guess.
  11. Didnt the bloke who flogged the iraqi prisoners getting pissed on photos to the Mirror get away with it because he (as TA) hadn't done it on army time?
  12. Posting racist comments on FB is likely to get you more than an "interview, no coffee" with the OC. Up here football "fans" have been prosecuted by Plod for sectarian abuse on FB and, I think - Jailed ? As for taking AGAI action against TA soldiers - not easy unless the guy is committeed enough to stand and take his punishment - in which case he's probably not someone who is going to be in trouble anyway. The dross can just shrug and fail to show.
  13. whether the blokes is TA or reg is not the important issue, he's a racist and should be treated like one and shown the door.
    Yes the OC's of TA unit like to band round the AGAI bit but it don't work cos the toms know that it'll never happen and they can can it at any time, but then if the blokes are plebs then good buy and don't come back.
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  14. Sorry couldn't help myself.
  15. F@cking right they can.
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