TA soldier who shot suspected Taliban bomber in murder investigation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Alan Partridge, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. TA soldier who shot suspected Taliban bomber in murder investigation - Telegraph

    Is it me, or does something not sound quite right about the whole thing? Can't put my finger on it. :?
  2. I would presume this thread will be locked in short order, but RoE is RoE.
  3. Agree. Not Even a warning shot if he was that worried. Something's not right.
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  4. Does seem abit strange, other then his story, usually theres abit more to and fro between statements on a news article. MOD, lawyers, accused mates anonymously. Maybe its just poor reporting, or maybe its that the guy was an IR to the unit so no-one knew or liked him much?
  5. I think there are Arrse rules regarding this sort of stuff, regardless that it's now in the public domain.

    If and when he's charged, the papers will stop reporting.

    It's probably best not to comment.
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  6. So he says:

    Then goes on to say:

    On another note; this is just another reason why we'll never achieve anything out there. We're too busy making sure we are whiter than white rather than actually trying to defeat the taliban.
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  7. There's a lot more to this. I'm very surprised its in the public domain.
  8. CSI helmand should be able to wrap this one up.
    oh wait:(
  9. I did have a look in the CA rules and couldn't see anything?

    If I'm wrong please do let me know, happy to delete.
  10. Quoted for truth.
  11. The first thing that struck me is the “justice delayed is justice denied” aspect. It should have been possible to establish the facts in a few weeks and decide if a charge was appropriate in days. Instead we have had a 20 month delay. This is unfair on the soldier and the relatives of the man shot and will make a just verdict harder.
  12. "It all pretty much went downhill from there".

    The epitaph of many a fine military career.
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  13. Very interesting indeed but must agree something doesn't sound right at all.
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  14. Definitely more to this than what's been reported, and only his side of the story so he's obviously going to try and show himself in the best possible light.
  15. I agree. The story rings hollow. 6 shots, no IED found. If he had reported would he have received permission to open fire?

    Ultimately this sounds like yet another press coup that the army could do without.
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