TA Soldier that got jailed

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SmartArsse, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. "A SOLDIER who attacked a police officer was jailed for four months yesterday after being suspended by military chiefs for his conduct.

    Perth Sheriff Court heard Nicholas Derrett punched a policeman three times as the officer tried to break up a brawl in the city. Derrett, 24, from Perth, admitted assaulting Bryan Burns on 21 June."

    Tut Tut he was a good guy to
  2. Yep - reckon he lost his 'good guy' tag when he thumped a copper. Basically got what he deserved.
  3. Bit of a non-story really. Guy hits copper and gets sent down, what he does for a living is immaterial.
  4. So what's your involvement SmartArsse? Or did you just join to stir some shit?
  5. Speaking as a plod, he may still be a good bloke. Just that his actions on that occasion weren't good.

    IMO your actions may or may not be indicative of your usual character when sober and with your grown up head on. Being pished up can make idjits out of anyone.

    That said, he punched a copper and got sent down. Does it matter what he does or did for a living? It's the old newspaper thing again; Plod/Squad/Doctor etc.