TA soldier slashes fiancee's throat jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shortarms, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Done three times now mate.
  2. Was it the fact that he was in the TA that caused him to slash her or did they train him to do it?
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  3. Done a quick search, dam my old eyes.MODS please delete. Dii wont let me edit/delete it.
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  4. "Crazed Jason Hughes, 40, launched a terrifying SEVEN HOUR attack on Natalie Allman, 26, as she lay in bed after she ended their relationship."


    "Darling, now we're done I am going to bed, all this breaking up is tiring'
  5. Apparently so, from an artillery unit in Worcester.
  6. He didn't have to go to that extreme to make her look ugly, she was well on the way.

    His lawyer Abigail Nixon told Worcester crown court that if Hughes had intended to kill Natalie then he could have done so because of his military training.

    I think the training manuals he must have read were by Andy McShhhhhgforfucksakes, in his description of the "Fighting knives issued to THEM"
    Just an outside guess.

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