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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stab, May 2, 2005.

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  1. Phase 1 Trg has gone from a simple and effective basic introduction into being a soldier in order to provide a platform for long term training and improvement, to a bad attempt at an all embracing one-hit solution to the Regular Army's naive attempt to create mobilisable TA soldiers quick, and on the cheap.

    Result? - it's taking eons to get through, the training quality hasn't kept up the pace, and soldiers are losing the plot whilst "manning" (very high on the overall agenda at the moment) is going backwards....there's another review of Phase 1 going on at the moment - any comments out there in ARRSE land that can be fed in?????


    - experiences of the new system (good or bad)
    - experience of the old system (good or bad)
    - what could be done to improve it?
    - has anyone gone through it recently and was it THAT bad?

  2. How about including driver familiarisations during training, as its a pain in the a$$ to get it done in our unit.
  3. Not worth doing driver training as the majority of recruits lose interest after a couple of weekends.

    I asked this before on someone elses thread "What do new recruits expect from their troop before going on recruit weekends, and what do they expect on a drill night ?"
  4. I'm not talkin within a few weekends, i'm thinkin on their last GAPS or something like that, very few leave when they have got to that stage in the trg.
  5. Late 80's/ early 90's Int & Sy Gp (V) Training Model.

    1. Selection weekend

    2. Pre-CMS

    3. CMS: 2 weeks at Strensall

    4. Trade Training (A3 Operator, Int & Sy)

    5. Drill & Duties (2 weeks at Ashford, made acting l/Cpl)

    6. Posted to Coy

    Weekends were usually admin and/ or presentations, weekends were up to the boss or larger bunfights whilst camp was usually an attachment to a regular unit, either on your todd or with one or two others.

    The trade training was very good, and the two weeks drill & duties were with the regulars (same course). The SPSI and PSIs were excellent, not re-treads.

    Don't know what it's like now, but I thought it was the best I'd experienced in the TA (I'd served in two TA decent inf battalions previously) and retention was good. The TA Int & Sy (V) lads who went on GW1 did well, so I was told.