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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Methtical, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Greetings all,

    Am new to the forums, and also a new recruit to the TA, have been sworn in for about 8 weeks now.

    However, have a slight query that couldnt find an answer for in the FAQ, nor could anyone at my unit answer straight.

    It is my understanding that in order to be issued my kit and to be able to participate in weekend exercises, then I need to be in possession of my TA/Soldier number, which I am told I shall receive through the post. The big blank is centred on when this will happen, as people I asked at my unit gave a range of answers form “could take weeks” to “could take months”, so I am non the wiser. Whats the average waiting time for this as I understand I’m missing out on exercises and I believe the TAFS part I is soon to commence and it’s annoying knowing that I’m going to miss out on these, as well as the fact that Im restricted in what I can do when attending during weeknights.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. I have PM'd you
  3. It could take weeks and it could take months are both accurate I'm afraid
  4. A concern point being that if indeed it takes months for it to be issued, then that greatly reduces the amount of time I have to fulfill the minimum requirement at the very least. As much as I will attempt to attend all the exercises I can (and not just for the sake of fulfilling the min.req) its a bit unreasonable to be placed into a situation where I;d have to do weekend after weekend in a row.

    Also, why in the hell does it take so long. I was told it was due to security checks, but isnt that what the CRB check was for?? I mean it took over 6 weeks for that to be processed....
  5. I was under the impression that once you had been sworn in then you could do the training weekends, you just didn't get paid til you got your number sorted out.
  6. No Army number means you're not insured (could be wrong but it's what I've been told).
  7. you can't train,your not insured ,you do at your peril,the big green machine will disown you,that's a fact
  8. As soon as attestation is done you may train to your hearts content, as long as the paperwork for attestation is completed. That came straight from the BRAT teams horses mouth. Fact.
  9. I was also informed that no number = no insurance and thus was the reason I am limited in the scope of training and seems to be the policy at my unit.

    Whilst I'll grit my teeth an bear it, I think it should be noted that its quite discuraging to new recruits who are eager to get stuck in, but are held back by this fact. I mean, after 3 months of being attested and reflecting on what you;ve done thus far, the answers going to be pretty much FA.
  10. Speak (through your CoC) to your PSAO mate, someone somewhere is putting up the big umbrella and just covering their arrse. I attended the BRAT team seminar last week and can assure you that once attested you are covered by insurance.
  11. Sixty

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    Have to agree with Devilish. After being attested I did my first TAFs weekend 3 weeks later and there were a few of us without a number and the rest of the attendees who'd had theirs within a couple of weeks.

    They certainly didn't stop us training.
  12. I got attested on a Tuesday and I was away on TAFS1 that Friday. I didn't have anything issued, I was handed some kit (clothing only plus a doss bag) from the recruit store and sent on my merry way. I didn't get my army number for a couple of months after that.
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Absolute nonsense. Your PSAO and/or AO should havegotten on top of this. Once you are attested you become one of HM's soldiers. When your pay is sorted out you will be retrospectively paid from the date of attestation.

    The ARCADE system generates your Regt'l number (or what it refers to as an MoD number) within a couple of days. When that number is generated, your AO will fill that number on all your attestation paperwork and forward it to APC Glasgow along with all the rest of your enlistment docs. APC should reply within a week or two to say that you can be taken on strength, or that your paperwork is incorrect and needs amendments.

    Even in a case where a candidate was elisted and subsequantly attested incorrectly i.e. he should not have been allowed to join the TA, they still have to be taken on strength to be discharged.

    Don't know what 'facts' bampot's working from, but as long as you complete some form of signing in sheet then you are covered by the Army's insurance.
  14. you know and i know what you said at the begining is a lot of "JACKANORY",I've never known anybody to get a mil number/and taken on strength in the space two weeks.once it leaves a units chief clerks office it's in the hand's of the gods. unless your camped on the door step of the apc.some times it could take up to 6 months and beyond to get a military no.taken on strength,then paid-possibly 12 months in total. by that time ,they're pissed of and are last seen heading east.
  15. I got a first issue kit on a 'zero' number ie 00000000, until my number came through. At my last unit, the RRTT gave the recruits the kit they needed from their own store, and they wore civvies on parade nights until their number came through and they got uniform. Btw.. getting a number doesn't necessarily mean pay comes with it.....