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TA Soldier made redundant while mobilised

"but he lost his job along with another 400 staff at the US-owned company’s factory in Darlington, and has been out of work since. "

He has my sympathy, but the employment protection does not cover you if your entire department is 'downsized'.

Sadto hear the news, but it happened to me a few years ago mid tour I received a letter from my employers stating I was being made redundant at the end of my POTL. they got round it my stating Corporate restructoring and 'got away with it'.

One of the reasons I resigned and extended my mobilised service was so I didn't return to my old job just in time for redundancies (Is your job necessary ... well, we've just done without you for 6 months ...). Luckily I was in the UK and could get the wheels turning to look for a job before I got out.

Redundancy sucks, anyone affected has my heartfelt sympathy.

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