TA soldier joining the regulars questions

My son is dyslexic and scored just below the minimum required score when he took the BARB test for the TA. However he was "taken on at risk". Since then he has passed all his training with flying colours and gone on to complete phase II training again with very respectable results. He has just completed selection for Op Tosca against very heavy competition.

At the same time he has completed two college courses and qualified as an outdoor pursuits instructor.

He has his heart set on joining the regs. Should he apply before deploying on Op Tosca ie take and hopefully pass his BARB test, medicals and interviews then wait for a place whilst he is on tour or should he complete his tour and then apply?

I was told, one of the PSI's at my TA unit, that nothing my son does with the TA, will in any way help him gain a place in the Regular Army. That places will always go to those who score the highest marks on the BARB/Interview and no matter what experience he has gained, either through his training or operational tours, he will always be disadvantaged against other candidates because of his dyslexia. His SNCO's (all ex regulars) and other PSI's say he would be an ideal candidate and our OC has been very impressed with his ability and conduct over the last 18 months in the TA.

So when should he apply before or after his tour?
And will his TA service/op tour in any way mitgate a poor mark on the BARB caused through Dyslexia?

Thanks in advance
I think you might be looking at this one the wrong way. Dyslexia is not a disadvantage. Although I have Dyslexia my self i do not fully understand it, but what I will say is that all it really means is he see's things in a different way. Usually more laterally, and quicker than those without it. Although gamma is still shocking, maths physics ect. is on the ball. However that was something that took alot of sleepless nights.

One of the reasons that maybe he is doing so well with the TA, is possibly because many things are done as a drill. maybe try applying the same to other tasks.

Alot of the BARB is logic, and seeing patterns, and trends. similar to what is used when screening thouse that potentially have dislexia. the odd thing is, the better you do at identifing them, the more dyslexic you are.

Get some puzzle books similar to what he's expecting to come up against in the BARB, and get amongst them. Thats what I would do.
Dyslexia is a disadvantage in so far that it takes longer to read and process written information. The BARB test is timed but he takes longer to read each question, therefore less questions get answered in the time permitted.

By the end of the day the BARB test is to identify what trade/job matches the trainability of the candidate so basically says what jobs are best suited for your son. This WILL not be altered for anyone.....saying that the scores are similar from Reg/TA.

The process from TA to Regular is exactly the same as a normal applicant plus extra things ...they need a letter off his CO reccomending him then a 203 is generated and MCM Div desk officer for that CEG decides if they want them.if accepted they have to do everything a normal applicant does. This where things do get easier as they already know things like Standards and Behaviour expected, should be at a good level of fitness etc and have things to talk about on their interviews and have an idea about ADSC. Ive seen a number of TA fail getting Regular but hopefully especially if done a fair ammount of time or tour it should go well. Theres even a chance if hes on tour he may get offered a (backdoor) way in but quite rare and depends of his qualities.

And dont use dylexia as an excuse Ive seen far neater application forms and higher BARB and basic skills from some applicants with dyslexia than others who have had A/B/C grades at school.
I recommend that he uses his six months mobilised on Op TOSCA to brush up on his basic skills (reading and writing especially). There is probably an education centre out there that he can access.

I'm not convinced that dyslexia can be used as a whole sale excuse for poor performance on the BARB test. I also seem to recall that you can do a mock BARB test online. Probably a good plan to get some practice in.

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