TA Soldier in Iraq War Protest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. Story from PA News this evening via Scotsman website
    Full story at http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=4012974
  2. hope he loses his bounty payment tosser
  3. The US Army has most of its problems from reservists. Part time soldiers with part time attitudes.
  4. Don't paint all the 'Part Timers' with that brush!
  5. As the majority of both US and UK reservists have served their countries bloody well, I think your comment should be reconsidered. I would even go so far as to say an apology is due.
  6. I am well aware of the contribution by the reservists. The comment pertained to this thread which was commenting about a slacker TA member.
    We have had our share of problem reservistsas well. Those we have trouble with exhibit the attitude I stated. Dont try to spin what I said as a blanket condemnation of reservists - because it wasnt.
  7. Considering the number (38,000) TA soldiers and God knows how many US reservists and National Guards, I think the low numbers kicking up a fuss is not a problem, this guy has spoken his mind as he is freely able to(thanks to us) and handed his kit in. Better hand it in than keep taking the money and refuse to mobilise if you ask me.

    He's a medic so he wouldnt be killing people anyway, the problem here is the Press as ever :roll: Why is the Scotsman intrested in a Londoner from Hackney serving with the London Irish?
  8. Whitehorse - I did say the story originated from PANews, and I would cancel my order for the Scotsman pretty quick if they didnt cover general UK news! We have reservists in Scotland too, btw. :wink:

    Thanks for clarification, tomahawk6.

    In fact the actions of this man in resigning "with publicity" are extremely rare. I can't think offhand of an exact precedent: the nearest I can think of offhand was a regular Gunner who went AWOL in UK during GW1, and appeared on anti-war protest platforms. I am told his protest was featured on Iraqi English-language propaganda broadcasts aimed at deployed Allied troops: highly entertaining listening for them, but the actions of such people may actually have made the war more likely by encouraging Saddam to believe that the allies would not enforce their deadline.

    The current idiot's claim that "many soldiers were against the war but were scared of the consequences if they spoke out" is IMO utterly disrespecful to any of his former comrades who had private doubts about the war. I believe it is entirely honourable to hold such views in a free society, but continue to serve and be available for mobilisation. I have known - and respected - people in this position.

    An order to deploy is not an "illegal order" like an order to kill or mistreat prisoners. Noted that this man happens to be a medic, like the RAF reservist who was court martialled for refusing a mobilisation order.

    Sure, its better to ask for discharge, than try to avoid mobilisation when ordered.

    I assume he has actually been granted his requested discharge. The Army is entitled to defer release if a "callout order" is in force for any reservists - which AFAIK has been the case continuously since the early 1990s. I don't suppose he is considered a great loss from the ranks.
  9. I would say that a fair few reservists are not happy with the current Iraqi situation - but recognise that if you're in uniform you go when the brown envelope hits the mat. Waiting until then to discover your conscientous objector status is mercifully rare.

    To be honest I wonder how much the press has spun this story, he's done the right thing by leaving and has exercised his right to free speech. I don't agree with what he said though.
  10. OK couple of points:
    1: Does being a STAB allow you to have the moral highground to decide which ops to go on?
    2: This is not the first time this has happened. At least one ex-STAB at least had the bottle to stand in front of his entire regiment and explain his reasons for resigning.
    3: This tosser took the cowards way out by talking to the press and is not worthy to wear uniform, so he's best out.
  11. I'm not familiar with this publication but you have to wonder why they felt the need to publish this info? I mean if POD resigned because of the War that would be news but so what if a scab lifter decides it's not for him? More important is the amount of regular soldiers who are leaving because they are sick to death of deployments/tours/exercises that come around at a rapid rate of knots. But of course we aren't overstretched - that is a dirty word!
  12. I can't see what the fuss is about. If you don't accept the idea that you will be sent wherever your elected government send you, then you leave.

    This guy's done that, so fair enough, he's been honest. I've more time for him than the tossers who go to Chilwell hoping their teeth will fail them, discover to their horror that they've passed and then spend a week at Grantham fabricating some sort of domestic situation to get themselves demobilised, before turning up at annual STAB camp 'as normal' and telling 'Chilwell' war stories in the TAC bar to the recruits.
  13. With you on that one Stabtastic. Shame he had to go to the press though.
  14. He's been a medic from several years, wasn't into the fighting thing and was a very diligent medic who worked hard.

    When the first compulsory mobilisations came about, he made it clear he wasn't going to be able to go as at the time he was going through Ambulance service training. Fine.

    As the situation has gone on he spoke to the Regt and said he wasn't able to commit to being mobilised and would leave.

    He has eventually bit the bullet and decided that his conscience forces him to resign in protest. Knowing this guy, he doesn't like publicity so I can only assume some bright hack leached onto the story somehow.

    He has been naive and a c*ck for speaking to the press but he is after all only exercising his rights of free(ish) speech that he doesn't agree with his governments foreign policy and has voted with his feet.

    ps - he won't be collecting bounty