TA - Soldier in BTT wanting to be an officer

Hey all,

Im currently going through BTT for a good unit that I really fit into. But I really want to join as an officer, I feel I have te core skills required and really want to further those skills with the training on offer. The unit I'm in doesn't put their soldiers up for sand hurst until they've served. I can appreciate that, a) they want to see commitment, and B) I think everyone including me would benefit from the experience. I had a concern however that I'm only educated to GCSE level, and I'm 29 in September. This would only give me one chance through my unit to go up for sand hurst, and if I required further education I don't have the time while in my unit to achieve this. - on that note I also read on an army officer brochure that only GCSE was required. Bonus points include I'm a professional within IT and could look to join LIAG who have all their members go through sand hurst but I believe the training is not as indepth as other forms of entry such as direct entry.

So essentially I'm looking for suggestions, do I chance it with my unit, complete BTT and try via direct entry or go through the professional skills route?

I also have to appologies for the above poor grammar as I'm on a train using an iPhone... It's dire!

Many thanks in advance
Being a Non-commissioned rank in 3MI's not so bad and if you fit in, you don't fit in! Facetiousness aside; you feel you have "the core skills required" to be comissioned but does anyone else?
A quick scan of the posts on this forum will indicate that being an officer in the TA is not all it may be cracked up to be. Clearly it depends upon the unit in question, but speaking to the officers around me it seems to involve a mountain of administration. Ask yourself, do you enjoy filling out forms in your spare time? Would you like to do more of it?

Things may be getting better soon but I would not count on it.

Being an OR means you can get your hands dirty, focus on the fun stuff (the odd bone duty aside) and regardless of unit you will not be the only person capable of commissioning in the ranks. Responsibility will also come around more quickly than you expect.

I would get through phase 1 and 2 and re-assess things from there. This gives you the opportunity for you and your unit to assess your own capabilities and see if you really stand out from your peers (which you will need to).
Thanks guys, I appreciate different units have different tasks, and a managerial role such as an officer is paper pushing fun fun fun. What is the upper limit for being promoted to an officer in different units? I couldn't find a straight answer, and understand this can be done only via direct entry, unit commission (which sounds like the preferred route and many SGT go to captain), and Professionally qualified. Can I still go via DE? Or if my unit feel I don't have what it takes may I go via PQ? Is the sand hurst course less through the PQ route?

Im still going to consider your suggestions around sticking with doing the 'fun stuff' but want to review my avenues. After all the primary skill I want is leadership type. I can be a team leader but want the ability to manage.

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