TA Soldier Guilty of 8 Rapes, 5 Child Abductions and Grooming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Scavenger, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. A 36-year-old army reservist from Essex has been found guilty of eight rapes, five counts of child abduction and one of grooming a girl.

    Adrian Rose, of Rochester Drive in Westcliff-on-Sea, denied all the charges at Norwich Crown Court.

    Rose was found in February 2012 in his car at the Broadland Business Park in Norwich with a 12-year-old girl who said she had had sex with him.

    He was found guilty on Thursday and will be sentenced on 1 February.

    Police were checking Rose's car because of concerns about the number plates and appearance and found the girl who was there without her parents' knowledge.

    When Rose lied about her age they decided to take her home and during this journey the girl said she had met him through Blackberry Messenger and they had had sex.

    Rose had been released but was later arrested in Southend and brought to trial accused of being a serial sex attacker.

    Det Con Steve Graves, said: "Rose is a predator who has denied his actions throughout, which meant the girl had to relive the traumatic events which have happened to her in order to bring him to justice."

    BBC News - Essex army reservist guilty of rape and child abduction

    I like that he wore PCS for his custody photo.
  2. Although according to this, he's an RMP Sgt...

    A judge has commended two officers for a “brilliant piece of good old fashioned policing” after an army sergeant attached to the Royal Military Police was found guilty of grooming a 12-year-old girl so she could meet him to have sex.

    Adrian Rose, 36, who is based with the army in Aldershot, had denied seven counts of rape, six charges of abducting the girl and meeting a child following sexual grooming.

    But following a trial at Norwich Crown Court, it took a jury less than two hours to find Rose, of St Omars Barrack, Thornhill Road, guilty of all 14 counts.

    The court had heard Rose made contact with the girl in Norwich through messaging on their Blackberry phones and he then arranged to come to Norwich to meet up with her before having sex.

    But the relationship was discovered when police saw a car being driven by Rose parked on the Broadland Business Park in Norwich on February 19 last year, and when they investigated, found Rose was in the car with the girl.

    Judge Stephen Holt, who adjourned sentence until Friday, February 1 for reports, commended both officers in court and said if they had not stopped, more children could have been “damaged” by Rose.

    Speaking after the verdict, investigating officer Det Con Steve Graves, said: “The victim in this case is a very shattered young girl, but she is determined to get on with her life. Rose is a predator who has denied his actions throughout, which meant the girl had to relive the traumatic events which have happened to her in order to bring him to justice.”

    Norwich judge commends police after British army sergeant found guilty of grooming girl so she could meet him for sex - News - Norwich Evening News
  3. Is his being TA relevant ? Is he TA ? Is his being connected to the military in some way relevant. If he was a plumber then his profession wouldn't be part of the headline. Not like a newspaper to get small details wrong is it ????

    Would it be read differently here if the paper had reported "Soldier ...... " rather than "TA soldier ...."
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  4. If he's known in his community and in public as a TA soldier (or just 'soldier'), then yes. His actions might well have a substantial impact on the TA's reputation. Even though the offences were most likely entirely unrelated to his being in the TA.
  5. I thought, with the obvious exception of the Rochdale "Al Kiddyban," that kiddy fiddling preverts are suposed to be white males!
  6. True but this won't just hurt the TA's reputation. We might see differences between the TA and Regs but will the public ?

    Anyone know if other nations have the same stupid enmity between their regs and reservists ? I never experienced it myself on courses with TA & Regs but once the Regs herd mentality kicks in, it seems to exist in bucket loads. Never quite understood it myself ......

    Regardless of TA or not, the cnut deserves to go away for a long time..
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  7. If he's TA then it will be common knowledge in his community.

    Mainly because he would have told anyone in earshot, worn a unit T Shirt with jeans and green issue trainers, blatently flashed his MOD 90 at every wallet opening opportunity and will never have been witnessed doing any physical activity.
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  8. I presume him being a soldier does have something to do with it. Going by the photo, he appears to have been arrested whilst in uniform.

    Anyway, is he TA? The second story implies he's a regular RMP Sgt. Or is there a TA RMP unit at St Omer?
  9. I hope nobody's going to read too much into his occupation. If the bloke was a street cleaner, someone on benefits or a conspiracy theorist, the press would also be quick to point that out. There are certain types of people the press really don't like, for some reason.
  10. Presumably, being a TA soldier he DID have a day job? Yet strangely, it's not mentioned at all...
  11. Just a thought, if his job was likely to bring him into contact with kiddies, he would be CRB'd, if he has been then he has a lovely clean CRB form which is worth sweet Fanny Adams. Now he's been caught he won't pass a CRB.

    Bit of a joke really.
  12. With more than 27 years as a TA LCpl I need to educate the masses on our professionalism.
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  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The CRB was never designed to be a kitemark guarantee of no future criminality and it is not supposed to be treated as such by organistions that require it for their staff. All it does is filter out those with convicted previous form, which in itself is worth something.
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  14. Would you want to witness the physical activity he was doing?
  15. I thought people needed an Enhanced CRB for that these days?