TA soldier fired days after returning from Afgan...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. So... he did a 12-month tour, and returned 10 months after leaving his job.

    How does that work?!
  3. Terminal leave maybe?
  4. DarkNinja got there first but I'll gob off anyway ...

    Well, you can choose between journalistic incompetence (never to be underestimated) or he went back to work on leave (strictly, you can do it on your earned ALA but not on your POTL and you do need CO RTMC's permission ...)

    Or even that, on leave, he informed them of his intention to return (as you are also supposed to do) and they informed him of the redundancy.

    I liked this, though:

    As long as they don't mob, hey?
  5. i'm outraged....

    that MSR's reading the Daily (hate) Mail! Stab!!
  6. Having being deployed with stabs, it amazes me that he had a job in the first place as most are only signing up as they would be unemployable anywhere else.
  7. :roll: Completely disagree! During my time in the TA I've met several solicitors, a plumber, many office workers, IT technicians, and even a guy who flew planes for Virgin (and he came in as a Private). There are a few unemployable mongs, but these tend to either not stick it out for long, or join the Regs.
  8. yeah i heard about these mythical types too, and with the exception of a few i met from 21 sas most have not been. the majority have either been students, on the dole or other 'normal' jobs...
  9. msr

    msr LE

    2. Regulars, don't bait the TA; we've heard it all before and it's boring.

    So bore off.
  10. First post, and you've already got the keys for the outrage bus with the C0cks and Knobbers trailer attached. :roll:
  11. Did you tell them that though? or did you do the standard disgruntled reg SOP of blowing smoke up their arrse for 6 months and then whine about them on the internet afterwards.

    I know I wouldn't waste my time doing another tour if I knew most regs thought like you.

  12. Had a railway Engineer who gained his Law degree through the OU come on tour as a BDO and another CMD bod was a website graphic designer!
  13. Whatsmore, thats a fine moustache he is sporting in the 1st picture!
  14. Actually Cummins are a US owned firm and do have a very good record with the Reserve Forces, Before they made this man redundant they consulted SABRE. He was one amongst very many.

    Times are hard and firms are making people redundant. Shackles like this will only orientate against firms employing Territorials. And when the Terriers are gone because Graduated Commitment is an utter horlicks employers will be applying the same rules to reservists.
  15. Good for them. Pity they broke the law doing so. As they would similarly have making somebody on maternity or adoption leave redundant ...

    Hence all the calls for overt benefits for employers willing to employ (volunteer or regular) reservists to compensate them for the time off (training and mob.)