TA soldier cleared of Manslaughter

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by X-Inf, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer


    Ta Soldier Cleared of Manslaughter

    By Alistair Keely, PA News

    A territorial army soldier was today acquitted by a court martial of the manslaughter of a fellow reservist at a military camp in Iraq.

    Lance-Corporal Ian Blaymire, 28, was accused of shooting friend and colleague Sergeant John Nightingale at Shaibah military camp in Iraq on September 23 last year.

    A panel of five military members sitting at Catterick Garrison near Richmond, North Yorkshire, took just over two hours to clear Blaymire of manslaughter but found him guilty of breaching military discipline in failing to follow the correct safety procedures for weapon handling.
  2. Sad but just. To send anyone into a situation they are woefully untrained and prepared for is a monsterous gamble. My sympathies to both families.

  3. two interesting aspects of this tragic case:

    1. The circumstances were more complicated than some of us assumed in earlier discussion.... the deceased cocking the weapon himself, etc and the weapon being someone else's. Incidentally the press stories dont say so but the weapon must have had a loaded mag applied - not a round in the breech to start with (obviously).

    2. The Judge-Advocate was very outspoken in his criticism of the Army authorities. This from the Scotsman:
    It seems to me that some of the blame must lie with the political decision not to commence mobilisation until after the 'last safe moment' had passed, leaving insufficient time for training and testing at Chilwell. Mobilisation is a busy process, but sufficient time is normally built in to allow for everyone to be properly tested and if necessary given hasty refresher training to reach the necessary standard of weapon handling and marksmanship.

    full Scotsman story at http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=3712586
  4. I don't understand how this soldier can be cleared on manslaughter, yet still found guilty of " breaching military discipline in failing to follow the correct safety procedures for weapon handling" if he wasn't trained???

    And what was the Sgt doing reaching for and grasping a cocking handle? What was really going on?

    a manslaughter took place - so now, who is guilty?? The CO, GOC, The Minister? You can bet your last peeny that this is the end of it. Can't imagine the CPS or Lawyers for Public Interest chasing this one down

    But there again, a full Col (OBE no less) is not a Tpr in the RTR or an Iraqi with large publically funded pockets.

    This government is so hypocritical - they were the ones that introduced the penalties for corporte manslaughter , so why are they not enforcing their own law????

    Mr Attorney General ...... we're waiting :twisted:
  5. I feel very sorry for both families, I've read the BBC article and I'm not sure what actually happened. Did Sgt Nightingale try to correct the LCpls drills, we don't know?
    I'm sure LCpl Blaymire didn't intend to do anything wrong, why he has been discharged ????? Probably to pin the blame on him and not someone else.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    As ever Hackle, your post is informative and thought provoking. Not least this part:

    But I can see Bliar and TCH and any other politicos avoiding any blame like teflon coated eels.
    'I have a position of responsiblity' appears to mean 'I get lots of dosh' in Bliarspeak.
    Whatever happened to honour ? Ok, maybe amongst these thieves......
  7. Just read the scotsmans story .......

    Top Brass you are a bunch of ******* *******
  8. Are we surprised :evil:
  9. A terrible, terrible situation for all those involved. Made all the worse know that a question mark has been raised over one soldier's basic training.
  10. No :(

    No WMD
    No Al Queada (The Power of Nightmares: the Politics of Fear - last night)
    Bush re-elected
    Bliar/Hoon getting away with corporate manslaughter

    Disillusioned - Yes
  11. http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;sessionid=CKLW2N1QISAW3QFIQMFSM54AVCBQ0JVC?xml=/news/2004/11/04/narmy04.xml&secureRefresh=true&_requestid=72037