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Did you know that TA squaddies can claim £60 back from the tax man for cleaning of your uniform. You can even go back 6 years. Simply phone your tax office and ask him to send you the self certified tax return form and fill in box 1.35 on page E1 (pink pages) Add a separate letter explaining that you have not claimed this before and would like to have your previous years tax considered. :!: But be careful if your TA pay puts you into the higher tax bracket the **** will stiff you for back tax at 15% on everything you have earned over the threshold and he will go back at least 6 years.

8O :) :oops: :cry:
out standing will try and see if this one flies 6*60 360 quid now i can get that desert camoflage assault rig i never wanted :evil: :D :D
We got a Lt who works for tax office never mentioned this if its true
i think a fragging due :lol:
Its true alright, but don't expect the tax man to send you what you deserve in beer tokens. the cnuts just amend your tax code so you pay a little less tax next year. :evil:
woody said:
out standing will try and see if this one flies 6*60 360 quid now i can get that desert camoflage assault rig i never wanted :evil: :D :D
We got a Lt who works for tax office never mentioned this if its true
i think a fragging due :lol:
Yeh, sounds about right they will you what you have to pay, but not what you can claim for, Pondlife.
So just to clarify, no ready cash (or tax-rebate) just an amendment of tax code / allowance. arrse! :twisted:

Trunnion-Tilt, you managed to make me slightly happy for about twenty seconds then. Cheers!

Death to all tax collectors, bloody oxygen thieves!

Military coup anyone ?
My tax office tells me if I work from home I can claim tax relief for this because it involves added expense for my utilities during the normal course of my duty.

As a TA officer and I'm sure I speak for all fellow SNCOs, WOs, Officers and possibly some JNCO's. A very large percentage of our TA work has to be done from home, exercise instructions, lesson plans, MT accounting just to mention a few. This is because there are only two days within a weekend and half of a months worth are stand downs, but the sub unit still has to be managed. On attendance days we are normally involved with hands on running of the sub unit, troop interviews, career development and on the piss with the boss, again just to itemise a few. The use of our phones, both mobile and landline becomes expensive as we have to ring/text colleagues with the latest jokes or request assistance or advice, yes; I’m an Officer; I don’t know it all.

Well the Tax Office, being the Tax Office won’t take your word for this as being an Officer and a gentleman I am prone to be telling the untruth. So they require Proof of time worked from home, paid or unpaid, it doesn’t matter. Over the last six months I have been keeping monthly pay sheets for the time I work from home, quarter day here and quarter day there, on some occasions half a day. I handed these pay sheets into the PSAO asking if I can be paid for this, as expected; I was told, with rank come responsibility, now **** off and close the ******* door behind you, ****. Fortunately I had witnesses posted just outside the door and taped the whole shooting match. The aforementioned pay sheets and sworn affidavits are with the Tax Office. I received a very nice letter from Her Majesties Tax Inspector explaining that my case is somewhat unusual and will be assessed further. Yarh, file thirteen springs to mind, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I will keep you all posted as how I get on.

My next claim: As an Officer in one of her Majesties Royal Regiments I am expected to entertain guests at guest social functions. These Functions are held within the Sgts Mess, as it’s better than ours. This can be anyone from my opposite number in the Navy or Air Force down to some councillor from the local council and everyone in between. No one says here is a tenner from the till, buy the drinks, so it is funded from ones own pocket. Well if you visit my mess, yes, I will buy you a drink when you sign this receipt voucher, Colonel. I’ll let you know how I get on, watch this space.
I am right with you on the above. I have been down this road and have got the pay, and had the last laugh at the Tax Man.

I wish you luck but I think the reply from the tax office re working at home will be no. The TA is voluntary and if they made a special case for the TA then it would have to apply to host of other jobs as well. It would also be open to abuse.

As an Officer in one of her Majesties Royal Regiments I am expected to entertain guests at guest social functions.
This will certainly be a no for a tax claim. There is no compulsion to entertain; it is entirely voluntary. I am surprised you are having to pay as most messes charge guest's drinks to a mess guests account, which is split pro rata amongst mess members (with senior officers paying more) or to the mess as a whole.

Good luck and post to the forum when you get the answers from the tax office !
Oooo... while we're on the subject of tax, how does everyone get on who falls into the High Rate bracket? When my pay slips arrive from Glasgow, I've always been taxed at the basic rate. However, I pay the higher rate on my civvy pay.

Now someone once told me that the minute you start paying higher rate tax, that you will have to fill in a tax return... I must admit that I don't even know if this is true! I've certainly never been sent one!!! As a result, I've kept shtum about the whole shooting match, but I have this growing fear that one the cnuts will catch up with me.

Has anyone got any experience of this?



PS. If any of you Bar Stewards who know who I am snitch me up to the tax inspectors, I won't be a happy bunny...!

Be careful mate, don’t ever request self certified tax forms or you will be fucked, once they send you
them your on their mailing list and they will fine you for not returning them. Higher tax comes into force
once you have reached the threshold. The threshold used to be in the region 31,000, anything over this and your earnings are taxed at 40% TA pay has to be shown on these forms, they will check. Her Majesty’s tax
Twat will stiff you for a further 15% on everything you have earned over the threshold, including any interest you have made on investments.

It happened to me, daft ******* wife works for a building society and this gadgie asked for a cheque from his account made payable to the Inland Revenue for £8,000. Mrs on making conversation says, “I bet this
makes your piss boil” Gadgie says, “ ******* self certified tax forms” Mrs, “ what the **** are they then” Gadgie, “every fucka gets them” Mrs, “my fucka doesn’t” Gadgie, “well he should cos the cnuts will fine
him for not returning them” So Mrs being a right clever bastard rings the Tax Twats and gives them my NI Number. Fucked in one and the Twats went back six years, ended up having to pay him ni on 4 grand.

On the other hand, if everything is above board, in your case its not, then if the Tax Twat is stiffing your TA pay for 15% more then you can claim a % of your NI contributions paid on your TA pay back from the Government. Contact the National insurance and pension people at long Benton Newcastle.

Got rid of one of the problems, Divorced the fucka.

Mr Happy

Don't forget to claim the tax back for all those things that the army says you have to have like boot polish, brushes etc but you aren't issued with. Recipts will help plenty with the claim if it is refused but just add them up to start with. I think this is what the GBP 60.00 figure is on about but I understood it as a breakdown of the individual stuff rather than a flat figure.

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