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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sierra_Hotel, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Are there opportunities to become snipers in the TA, or is this only availible to regulars?

    I hope wthis does not come across as walt/wah (?) type question, as I am serious about it, and have shooting experience at many levels.


  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    From what I've heard, it would appear that the latest gobment/MOD cutbacks have stopped T.A. sniping - though god only knows why - it's not the most expensive training or skill.

    I'm gong back in soon, and was rather hoping to re-badge, but it now looks like I can whistle for it.

    If this is true, it has to be one of the dumbest decisions going, especially has Snipers have a big role to play in Iraq and Afghan AND the fact that many T.A. guys are going on ops.
  3. Shoot biped your on the ball today. I was just searching for your post on the same subject. Thank god were on the same team 'cos if your as quick at getting a round down range i'd stand no chance

    Linky thingy
  4. Aye TA Snipers course went down the toilet unfortunately.

    My Battalion is running an in house Sharp Shooters Cadre with the help of a Sniper PSI but we're using LSW's as we have no L96's.

    As Biped said, its a shame the skill is being lost across the TA Inf.

  5. my mate did it through FTRS
  6. I think the term is b*gger.

    May see what the Rock Apes reserves have got going.

    Its one army all over again....
  7. TA Sniper course was reinstated for about 12 months a couple of years ago but got binned pretty swiftly. the Sharpshooter course was binned around the same time. the reasons I heard were a lack of L96s and 'skill fade'. Skill fade mainly because, like so many other skills, the opportunity was rarely provided for any real application on exercise.

    Rumour Control has issued a despatch suggesting the return of at least the sharpshooter course in light of operational experience/need, and possible availability of rifles now the .338 is here. But don't hold your breath.
  8. See I was wondering about this. With the L115 issued now as, apparently the weapon of choice on Ops. I would have imagined we'd have enough L96's to issue maybe 10 per Coy?

    I'm pretty sure 4 PARA still have L96's and persumably Sharpshooters to operate them.
  9. 4 PARA actively told me that I could still badge as sniper, without me saying anything about it at all. They said that was pretty unique to the TA. I figured it was just recruiting bs but perhaps not, although its not a job I'd want.
  10. IIRC, Rockape Reserves no longer train Snipers either. Don't know about RMR.
  11. Apparently RMR have access to the same courses as regular Bootnecks if they can get the time off work. So i'd imagine RMR snipers are likely.
  12. RMR have also run their own Cadre courses from time to time and dependent on the available Platoon Weapon Instructors.
  13. Just had a look at 4 Para's Website; interesting to note that the maximum age limit is now 44, for recruits with previous military experiance.

    I wonder if UKSF(R) will do the same. I don't know about 21, but the majority of 23's recruits came from 4 Para...

  14. If only I could swim! :)
  15. Whiskey

    You don't need to swim.............. I know a nice Bootneck Sgt Major who would love to teach you :twisted: